Baseball Is Fun Again!

It’s a known fact baseball is a lot more fun when the Red Sox and Yankees hate each other! Mix that in with Nolan Arenado going absolutely buck wild after getting beamed by a pitch against the Padres and we had ourselves a pretty action packed week of baseball!

The action started off when Arenado took exception to getting plunked by a 95 mph and went like a bat outta hell towards the mound causing a good ol’ fashion rumble! Love to see it! Then later that night we got our first real taste of what the Red Sox team is made of. Of to a red-hot start coming into the 3 game series against the hated Yankees with a record of 8-1. After spanking both the Rays and Marlins, the Yanks would be their first real challenge, and the Sox were definitely up for it.

We got a little teaser of the real fireworks when Tyler Austin slid hard into second clipping Brock Holt’s calf and Holt had a few words for him. The benches and bullpen emptied but in the end it was only a pushing and shoving match, until Joe Kelly came into the game in the top of the 7th. Kelly, when facing Austin, let him taste a nice and easy 97 mph fastball to the ribs, which resulted in Austin slamming, and breaking, his bat while walking out towards the mound. The part I love most of this is big bad Joe Kelly yelling “Let’s go” causing Austin charging the mound and getting his skull rearranged by Kelly.

Another very interesting and pretty lucky for the Sox was both Stanton and Judge were playing peace makers as they were one of the first players in and immediately tried separating people. Holt’s comments after the game about the fight i think summed mostly everyone’s thoughts up perfectly when he said he wanted nothing to do with the fight “they have some pretty big men over there”. Uh ya im siding with Holt on this one, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Stanton or Judge in a fight, never mind both!

RIVARLY BACK ON!!! I love it! I can’t get enough of it! Each game the Red Sox and Yankees play when they hate each other caries a playoff like atmosphere and makes all the games that much more entertaining to watch. The Sox wrapped up the series win with a 6-3 win over the Yanks last night to take 2 out of three in the first of many matchups between these two teams and I have a feeling the fireworks are far from over!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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