Baseball Is Better Than Ever

“Baseball is dying.”

“Kids don’t like baseball anymore.”

“Baseball isn’t fun.”

Banal phrases pontificated by mindless sports trolls both in mainstream sports media and in online discourse find themselves rendered worthless in both their own ubiquity and obvious erroneous nature.

Baseball is sick right now, kid.

We have more young stars than when Griffey was lighting up the MLB with his smile and perfect swing.

It is time to retire the idea that baseball is in trouble.

People are Watching

Yea, so the fact nobody watches baseball anymore?

So That Was a Fucking Lie | Know Your Meme

I guess the truth really is relative in a post fake news 2021.

Streaming and viewership numbers are actually up.

The olds are still turning in, of course, but with the pandemic (at least temporarily) in the rear view, people are watching again.

Turns out a global pandemic that freezes the entire world has more of an impact on baseball viewership than people taking too long in between pitches, who knew?!


So lets talk about the stars…

You can even break it down into who you like and is a star, and who you don’t like but still acknowledge.

The skill has NEVER been higher.

We have thiccbois crushing dingers (Vlad – the MVP odds leader and Devers, the boston kid we were promised).

We have all around great hitters (Tatis and Soto).

We still have a boring and potentially a robot that also breaks down a lot new willie mays still, in Trout (hes not young anymore but he IS the best player).

Sure we still have Bellinger, Mookie, Judge, and others who aren’t spring chickens but are still out there and thriving (for the most part).

But we also have Acuna and Wander (he’s here!). So many good, young hitters.

Oh shoot, right. We have the one and only Japanese Babe Ruth in the hyper valuable on both the mound and at the plate, alien Shohei Ohtani.

Baseball is Fine

Thus, baseball is fine.

Actually it is better than fine.

Baseball better than ever, baby,

Just tune in and watch the stars shine.

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-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on Twitter)

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