Any Given Sunday

This was a bizarre week in the NFL. We should have known something was up when we got a competitive Thursday Night game. I think after the last few weeks, we all needed a reminder of why we love the game of football so much; and boy did we get one Sunday. Close finish after close finish brought out the best of the NFL, its players, and even the fans. Today was a great reminder of why football means so much to so many people, so I thought I would put together a few of their experiences throughout the day. There were a lot of emotions all around, but I’ll start with my own.

“When the Texans went up 5 with 3 minutes and change left, my mind immediately shifted to everything I needed to do to get ready for the upcoming week. What am I going to have to take care of while being pissed off about this bad Patriots loss? Sure, Tom Brady is the comeback king, but this one felt different, the offensive line was giving him no time and the Texas defense looked poised for revenge after two beat downs last season. But Tom Brady taught me a lesson I have learned time and time again over the last 17 years. Don’t doubt the GOAT. Just like I’ve been doing since I was 7 years old, I sat back and watched the greatest quarterback of all time surgically drive the Patriots to a win. I think this week is going to be a good week.” -Alex B


“Look, I pride myself on being a realist. Being an Eagles fan all my life has forced that perspective on me. I saw the situation for what it was: Odell is back there to return the kick should the rookie (who has been with the team for two weeks, and who’s career long is 55 yards) leave it short. I told my friend that this has Auburn-Bama Kick-Six written all over it. And then Jake Elliot sets a franchise record and shocks the world. I ran around my apartment, called my dad and may have promised to name my first-born son ‘Jake’. Fly, Eagles, Fly.” –Devin M


“It was a great team win! I was so excited and the guys never stopped fighting. “It was a great team win! I was so excited and the guys never stopped fighting. Nobody was picking the Bears over the Steelers, but look what happened! The fans and city deserved this W.” –Loren S

“Well truth be told, I think me and nearly everyone else were pretty floored by the win. Let’s face it. The Broncos with the chance to make some noise, down 10 with 3 minutes to play? In my own personal Bills misery, that’s not a safe lead. I wasn’t comfortable with it at all. It’s a recipe that screams “Bills somehow blow it and makes fans lose their mind because, they’re the Bills.” But credit the defense for doing its job and looking tremendous for the third straight week. They’ve already exceeded my expectations and I think they could actually make some big things happen if they keep playing this way the rest of the season. I think this is a quality win the Bills can definitely keep in their back pocket and be proud of. But I just wish they could make games easier for their fans. Some of us can only handle so much stress and the possible disappointment of things not going the team’s way.” -Nick K

“Wasn’t confident about this one at all. We lost the NFL’s reigning sack leader (Beasley) and a top 5 OT (Schraeder). Turns out, I shut this game off with 8 seconds left in the game, and got in my car pissed off that the Falcons lost. But, but, but, after a road-rage ride filled with the grittiest of Atlanta trap music, I get out of my car, check my phone, and see that Golden Tate TD touchdown was reversed. Down at the 1. 10 second runoff. Falcons win. I took a breath, smiled, and cranked up the Zac Brown Band. Good vibes only baby 3-0 rise up.” –TJ H


Just a few tastes of what was a spectacular week of football for NFL fans. Have your own story you want to share? Post it in the comments or tweet it at me @The_Real_Alex_B. For now on, when someone says any given Sunday, just remember that Sunday is September 24, 2017.

Written By: Alex Barth (@The_Real_Alex_B)

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