Antonio Brown is Always Up to Something

Antonio Brown is something else. He is easily one of the top three Receivers in the NFL right now. However, this man just keeps making some sort of headlines.

Now the Receiver is threatening retirement unless he gets to wear his “old helmet.” I put those in quotations because I have no idea what his old helmet looks or feels like. However, it must be one great helmet if Brown is going to retire if he cannot wear it.

Back in early March, Antonio Brown had a sit-down interview with ESPN to clear things up about what happened in Pittsburg. He also mentioned that he didn’t need to play the game of football anymore. He is confident that he doesn’t need to prove anything else and could just walk away.

One memory that comes to mind is when he went Facebook live while Coach Mike Tomlin was giving his postgame speech. He then forced his way out of Pittsburg and didn’t even play the last game of the 2018 regular season. Now, there is this story about a helmet.

Brown is currently dealing with frostbite on his two feet, something that is more series than expect. The Raiders thought they were getting a star-studded player who would have helped Quarterback Derek Carr get back to a Pro-Bowl caliber player. Instead, they are getting someone with no filter. Maybe this is why Pittsburg took the bare minimum for him because they just clearly wanted gone.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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