Another Stanton Update…shocker

Ya I know I am getting sick of this shit too. This guy just flat-out can not make up his mind on where he wants to play next year. The last report we heard was that Stanton to the Giants or Cardinals could just be days away from happening. Now out of left field he has decided to just say screw it I’ll accept to go play in New York, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros,  and Los Angeles Dodgers.

First response is pretty simple, why the hell would he want to play for the Yankees and not the Red Sox? This guy is a DINK! Ya i get you are sick of loosing, hell I would be to, sooo then why the Yankees? We all know they suck. Also anyone else notice Stanton just picked the final four teams in this years playoffs? Jokes on him because if the Red Sox didn’t have a jack wagon of a manager, we probably would have been in the mix of those final four teams.

If he gets shipped to New York I am protesting this league because that is flat-out rigged and we all know Jeter is just going to accept any trade to help out his old team win another World Series. That guy sucks too! The MLB better step in and just put an end to this shenanigans before we have a case of the Golden State Warriors taking place in the MLB. The one person who is definitely hoping this goes through is Aaron Boone because there is no way he is not crying himself to sleep every night just knowing he will be exposed to the public that he has no idea how to manage a baseball game. Unless the Yankees bring in Stanton, New York is going to get their own taste of what Boston went through with Bobby Valentine in 2012. If Stanton lands in the Bronx, Boone wont even have to do anything and just let that team go play.

This whole situation is just getting bizarre and out of control. Does Stanton even know what he wants? Does he even care? or is it just a giant PR stint because it is starting to feel that way and I for one and getting pretty sick of it! Just stop playing games and come to Boston we all know you want to!

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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