Another One Bites the Dust…Buster Posey Opts Out of 2020 Season

The MLB keeps trying to put out a product for the 2020 season. Heck, we have Nick Quaglia going crazy over a Red Sox inter squad scrimmage! (Love you Quags!) We’ve had positive tests throughout multiple locker rooms. The Red Sox have had four total cases of it so far. But it’s not just affecting the Red Sox. The rest of the teams in the MLB have players contemplating playing this 2020 season. Another big name came out as saying he won’t be playing. His name? Buster Posey.

The Announcement from Buster Posey Himself

So Buster Posey came out with this formal announcement just about a half an hour ago. Posey mentions how he and his wife adopted twins who were born prematurely. With everything still going down with COVID, I get the move. Buster Posey wants to make sure his kids are safe and being around MLB players could be extremely hazardous. It’s a tough decision for Giants fans to hear. But I’m sure people will understand.

Whose Next?

With Posey now officially out for 2020, whose the next big domino to opt out? You’ve also had Nick Markakis opt out for the season too. Mike Trout has been extremely worried about playing with a daughter on the way. Would it surprise me personally if somebody like Trout opted out? At this point, no! But let’s hope that not all of the MLB stars have the same mindset that Posey, Trout, and a few others have. Otherwise, a season will continue to look more unlikely.

In Conclusion

Buster Posey might have been one of the biggest dominos to fall. Will others fall? That remains to be seen. But know this and read this a few times. You now might be seeing some more big pieces opt out. We’ll see though. Hopefully sports come back sooner rather than later. Have a good weekend everyone, stay safe, and be smart!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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