Another Day And Another Story Coming Out About Antonio Brown

It’s safe to say that Antonio Brown has been the most talked about NFL player this season so far. Everywhere you look, there is another story coming out. I wrote about the accusations out already from a woman who claimed to be his former trainer, Britney Taylor. We all know that A.B. played on Sunday against the Dolphins and performed well for only practicing half of the week. Pats nation was hoping and praying that more news wouldn’t surface. Well, we were dead wrong on that assumption. Here are a few more storylines that came out about the troubled Patriots start wide receiver.

Not Paying Medical Bills and Farting In A Doctor’s Face

This one is unique. I’ve never heard of somebody suing another person for flatulence. Apparently, a Pittsburgh doctor came out and said Brown didn’t pay medical bills and continuously farted in his face. Here is the video that came out on the incident.

This is weird because obviously, Brown isn’t literally sticking the doctor’s head under his butt while he’s farting. At the same time, I guess I can understand why the doctor would be annoyed by the actions. He didn’t apologize for farting and can visibly be seen laughing after he farts. Then again, sometimes you just have to let one go…I guess? Regardless of the farting, you need to pay your bills when the time comes. If Brown really didn’t pay his medical bills, then that’s another negative quality about him that will be blasted on all media platforms.

He Refused To Pay A Chef For Cooking During Pro Bowl Week

This one speaks for itself. A chef claims that Brown owes him over $38,000 dollars. The wide receiver wanted to have the chef cook for 40-50 Pro Bowlers during Pro Bowl week, to which the chef agreed. After that, there was a lot of arguing, including Brown supposedly using a racial slur against the chef. Yes, it’s the same one he supposedly used against Raiders GM Mike Mayock. Again, this is just a case where you pay the man for his time and service and then you move on.

His Encounter With A Female Artist

This was one of the bigger headlines to come out since the first initial confession from Britney Taylor. An unnamed woman claimed to be an artist when she met Brown. Brown was so enamored by a portrait she painted of him that he bought it and asked if she would do another one. While she was there, he made sexual advances. The most notable one was when Brown came onto her again, while he was naked with nothing but a hand cloth covering his genitals. After she ignored Brown’s advances, the woman claims Brown “ghosted” her and never allowed for her to finish the painting. Again, this is just another case of Brown showing bizzarely, odd behavior.

In Conclusion

The stories just keep piling up for Antonio Brown. Sure, he is going to be productive on the field for the Patriots. But, is it worth it at this point? It all depends on what Belichick, Brady, and Kraft are thinking with all of this coming out. Hopefully, Brown lasts the year without anymore drama. Will he even last the year? Only time will tell.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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