An Updated Look At The NFL Playoffs

A few weeks ago, we were all introduced to the first look of the NFL Playoff Picture. For the most part, things have stayed the same, but, there is chance there could be a major shakeup in the playoff picture. All of a sudden, the number one seed in the AFC could be up for grabs between two teams, and a team that was in the playoff picture a few weeks ago is now on the outside looking in.

Number One Seed in the AFC

The number one seed still belongs to Pittsburgh. However, that could change. The Washington Football Team pulled off a huge upset on Monday handing Pittsbugh their first loss of the season. With that loss, Pittsburgh now sits at 11-1 on the season. You know who else is sitting at 11-1? The Kansas City Chiefs. However, if these two teams were to finish the season at 15-1, Pittsburgh gets the number one seed because they have a better win percentage in the AFC. This is certainly something to keep an eye on now that Pittsburgh has lost a game.

The division leaders

Other than Pittsburgh, the division leaders in the AFC are Kansas City, Buffalo and Tennessee. Kansas City as we know, has a shot at getting the one seed in the AFC. But what about the other two teams? Buffalo is currenty sitting at 9-3 and look like they will win the AFC East for the first time since 1995. This isn’t a fluke season for Buffalo either. Buffalo has been dominant all season, and would easily be 10-2 if it wasn’t for the Hail Mary at the end of their game against Arizona. Buffalo currently has the three seed and should easily be able to hold on to it. The fourth seed belongs to the Tennessee Titans. This fourth seed is up for grabs between Tennessee and Indianapolis as both teams have been taking turns being division leaders for the last few weeks. Both teams have a win against each other this season, but Tennessee overall has the tiebreaker if they end up finishing with the same record. Tannehill, Henry and AJ Borwn need to kick it into high gear if they want to create separation from Indianapolis.

The wild card teams

In order, the wild card teams are Cleveland, Miami and Indianapolis. The Browns are currently 9-3 and secured their first winning season since 2007. Baker Mayfield is coming off of a career game against Tennessee. The Browns have the best chance to pull an upset as a wild card team. Why? They’re the most complete team out of the three. There’s no answer for Nick Chubb on offense, Myles Garrett on defense, and their special teams is pretty good to. Miami is next sitting at 8-4. Brian Flores and Tua Tagovailoa (and Ryan Fitzpatrick) have put Miami in playoff position. The defnese however, is the main attraction of this team. It seems like every week the Miami defense is making plays that result in either the offense or defense scoring a touchdown. Last, there’s Indianapolis. They’re in a battle with Tennessee for the division. Philip Rivers is the leader the offense needed in order to succeed. This Indianapolis team is highly underrated and it wouldn’t be surprising if this team made some noise in the postseason.

Outside looking in

Las Vegas, Baltimore and New England are the only three teams that have a realistic shot at making the playoffs from the outside.

As it says on infamous Steve Kornacki Big Board, Vegas has a 49% chance to make the playoffs. Baltimore has a 47% chance and New England has a 21% chance. However, with Baltimore’s win against Dallas on Tuesday, that percentage for New England most likely dwindles. Vegas has the best shot and if they beat Indianapolis this weekend, they will jump into the seventh spot. Baltimore just needs to keep winning if they want a chance at a playoff spot. Sadly, for New England, they need to win out and have Vegas and Baltimore lose one or two games in order to make the playoffs.

Number One Seed in the NFC

There is a new number one since the first playoff picture came out. When the first playoff picture came out, the Green Bay Packers were the number one seed. Now, the number one seed belongs to the New Orleans Saints. Yes, the Saints, led by Taysom Hill (until Drew Brees comes back from injury), is the number one seed in the NFC. The Saints are sitting at 10-2 and look to to keep ahead of pace of the second seeded team, the Green Bay Packers. With how the Saints have been playing with Hill at quarterback, New Orleans looks like they could hold this position. Kamara, despite having fewer receving yards now, is still the dominant Alvin Karama we all know and still causing havoc for opposin defenses. Speaking of defense, the New Orleans defense continues to get better each week. If this team gets the number one seed, it could finally be their year to make a Super Bowl appearance (and possible championship).

The division leaders

In order, the division leaders other than New Orleans are the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams and New York Giants. Aaron Rodgers is having an MVP season for Green Bay. His chemistry with Davante Adams is unreal, and the dominace of the offense in general has been an issue for most defenses this year. The NFC West has been the wild wild west and right now the Rams sit atop of the division. However, they have a huge trap game on Thursday against New England. If New England has another 45-0 performance in SoFi Stadium, the Rams could see their division lead once again go to Seattle instead. Finally, how bout them Giants. The Giants might be one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now, having a lead in the NFC East. Sitting at 5-7 the Giants have a chance to shock the league and win out to go 9-7. The Giants proved they can win without Daniel Jones. It’s time to stop sleeping on the New York Giants.

The wild card teams

For now, the wild card teams are Seattle, Tampa Bay and Minnesota. Seattle, who has been a rollercoaster of a team, sits at the fifth seed but could move up if the Rams were to fall on Thursday. Wilson’s MVP chances are gone, but now he just needs to go out and play the best football possible. Wilson and his receivers are matchup nightmares and they need to keep their foot on the gas. Tampa Bay is the same. They’re a rollercoaster. All eyes will be on Tampa (literally since FOX shows them every week), as they come back from a bye week. Tom Brady can’t have another bad game otherwise, the playoff seeding for Tampa might not work out in their favor. Then there’s Minnesota. Every season it seems like Minnesota is either dominant or they just sneak in. Since returning from injry, Dalvin Cook have been a monster. Also, quietly Kirk Cousins has turned around his season. Minnesota and Tampa Bay play each other this weekend.


Outside looking in

The two teams that have a realistic shot at making the playoffs from the outside are Arizona and San Francisco.

In all reality, this is going to come down to Arizona and Minnesota fighting for that last spot. With the 49ers losing to Buffalo on Monday, they dropped to 5-7, holding on to a last hope which is beating Arizona in a few weeks. If that doesn’t happen, the defending NFC champions won’t have a chance to defend their NFC Crown. As for Arizona, they just need to win. With a heartbreaking loss to New England followed by a beatdown from the Rams, they’re losing at the wrong time. They have another tough matchup this weekend against the Giants, followed by a game agaisnt the Eagles. If they continue to lose, then maybe, just maybe, Minnesota or San Francisco slip into that last spot in the NFC and we all will wonder what happened to Arizona.

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