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If you’ve read some of my past blogs, you already know that I hate a lot of things about social media. But one of the aspects of it that I adore is the maniacs that can control it and make a name for themselves on it. And by maniacs, I mean people taking normal, conventional ideas, twisting them, and making them better and more entertaining.

And that’s what this group does. They go by Bring Snacks and you can follow them @OfficialBringSnacks on Instagram. I knew most of these boys through college and I can’t tell you enough about how real they are on their page. The personality that breaks through in each post is exactly who they are.

I watched them start this little adventure on Instagram and I’m loving where it’s going. Let’s introduce you to some of the gang. I’ll only do the core three who started it and then an additional one because he’s an enigma.

And you know what, that’s who I’ll start it off with. His names Nick but when he’s working with Bring Snacks, he’s the intern.

Nick’s never been a guy to workout. But he’s a personality I can tell you that much. See this guy and I go back to his freshman year, my sophomore year. Kid’s a clown but you can’t help but talk to him every time you see him. It was even harder for me not to talk to him because we hosted a sports talk radio show together back in college for a little while. And honestly it was pretty damn good mostly because his opinions were BANANAS most of the time.

As far as intern things go, I can’t imagine he was used for much more than cooking steaks and doing their official bring snacks gesture in every snapchat he would post on his story.

Second, we’ll go with Bobby. My guy. I worked with Bobby kind of. We had different jobs but we shared an office.

When we started working together Bobby was a gym guy, but wanted to bulk up and put Bring Snacks on the map. Look at this guy now, he’s a God damn F-16 Fighting Falcon… Did I just Google “different types of fighter jets”? You bet your ass.

But Bobby has been tearing it up and adds quality content to the page. On top of that he’s an A+ guy. He’s a New York Giants fan. That knocks him down maybe about 3 notches. But even with being knocked down a few pegs he’s still an “A” guy. A 96 score is still pretty good.

Bobby’s big time when it comes to deadlifts. That’s a majority of his posts I’d say and he CRUSHES it.

Third we have Angel. I’ll be honest with you. I’m not 100% sure whether or not that’s his real name. I’ve definitely known in the past but I forget at this point.

Video above is just Angel slamming a casual 455 for a trap bar deadlift for three. No biggy. Just lifting the weight of an obese man who hasn’t gotten away from his Xbox in three years.

See this guy has always been a heavy lifter. Each time I would see him in the gym he is throwing up some kind of ridiculous weight that makes me low key terrified. I’m the kind of guy who threw out his back showering last Saturday so God knows how he can deadlift a Prius. I assume a Prius weighs about that. Probably wrong but just imagine it does for this sentences sake.

And finally we have the Big Dog. My guy Matt. Matt is the epitome of “cardio can go screw itself, I’m going to lift half of the gym”. We’d end up at the gym at the same time most days and every time I’d hop on a treadmill he’d give me crap. But I will say he would stand there and talk to me for a good 20 minutes and made my cardio fly by.

You see Matt and Hulk Hogan’s entrance music forces it’s way into your brain. It’s uncanny because it happens every time. Quite frankly I’m sick of that song by this point but there’s no fighting it.

Matt can lift cars it seems like. He tosses up weight like it’s nothing and has competed in multiple strong man competitions.

When he’s at his house he’s got his own garage gym like you see in the movies and when he was at college he was throwing weight around like it was paper. The guy lives and breathes the phrase, “Big dog’s gotta eat”. Go to a Dunkin’ Donuts with him I dare you. He will pound three breakfast sandwiches and a few hash browns and coffee before you’re half way through your single sandwich.

By the way Dunks, can we get the browns back to nine per order please? God damn. It’s been a couple years since they went from nine to six and I’m still heated.

But I’m serious when I say that you need to go follow these guys and spread the work. They crush the Instagram game and I can’t get enough.

If you love America, go follow @OfficialBringSnacks. You can also check them out at BringSnacks.net and find them on Snapchat at BringSnacks_404.

Remember, big dogs gotta eat!

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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