An Inside Look Into Being A Sharks Fan

Happy fun Friday everyone! Yes, no food today or any kind of comparison. Don’t worry, a massive food article is dropping next week. Today, I thought I’d give everyone a treat. Instead of both you and I having fun, you get to have fun today. Get ready for a laugh, because even I will be laughing through the pain of this. It’s time I give an inside look into being a Sharks fan. Let’s get into it shall we?

Short version

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Pain. That’s the short version. It’s not often San Jose gives us something to cheer about. Yes, they might win a game here and there, but overall, it’s not often we can be happy. Yes just a few seasons ago the Sharks were in the Western Conference Finals, but just like what everyone say’s, they choked. Granted it was against the eventual Stanley Cup winner St. Louis Blues (who beat Boston at the TD Garden in Game 7), but still, San Jose had so much momentum.

Martin Jones

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This. This is perfect. Sharks fans can agree, this picture perfectly describes Martin Jones, the disgraced goalie. Why is he disgraced? He sucks. That’s why. You could put a scarecrow in goal and it will do a better job than Martin Jones. Jones basically gives up goals without even trying to stop the shots from going in net. Sharks fans every year have to suffer from watching him. As someone who sees goalies like Tuukka Rask succeed, I’m jealous. San Jose easily has the worst goalie in the league.

Choking reputation

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As previously mentioned, the San Jose Sharks love to choke. Especially in the playoffs. They have no Stanley Cup titles when easily they could have atleast one. When it comes time to actually be a hockey team, they shut down. Whenever fans get their hopes up, the Sharks shatter them. They love to lose in the conference semi finals. If San Jos ever makes it back to the conference semis’, I’d put money on them losing there. Seriously, go look up how many times they’ve lost in that round, its over ten times.

San Jose Sharks Choking Hockey Shirt NHL | eBay

With the current state of the team, they don’t even have to worry about choking unless they have a big lead and Martin Jones is in goal. Imagine being excited about a two or three goal lead with Martin Jones in goal. I know, hilarious thinking that Jones can keep a lead like that. You need to have the lowest of low expectations when watching this team so that you don’t get too let down by them. Again, with how they’re currently built, don’t expect much. Yes they somehow got a few wins, but it’s early. Bad teams normally do good early on in the year.

Final thoughts

When I die I want the San Jose Sharks to be my pallbearers ! So they can let  me down one last time ! - SJ SHARKS MEME | Meme Generator

Honestly yeah. That’s an inside look into being a Sharks fan. Have no excpectations of success and no expecations of winning a Stanley Cup. If the Sharks of today keep this up, us fans will continue to suffer for another eight to ten years. Seriously, it’s a very rough time to be a fan. Hopefully we all have backup teams that we like so that we can attempt to be somewhat cheerful for the next few years. As I said early on, pain.

– Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 








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