ALS Fighter Pete Frates Passes Away At The Age of 34

It was a sad day nation wide yesterday. Pete Frates, whose battle with ALS inspired the world to dump buckets of ice over their head, passed away yesterday at the age of 34.

Remember when everyone was dumping ice water over their heads and challenging others to do it? Yeah, Pete Frates was the mastermind behind that trend.

Who Was Pete Frates?

Pete Frates was born in Beverly, MA on December 28th, 1984. He attended high school at St. Johns Preparatory School in Danvers, MA. He was a three sport athlete in football, hockey, and baseball. He decided to go the baseball route as the outfielder played his collegiate career at Boston College. After graduating college, he played professionally in league across the U.S. and even Germany. He was named director of baseball operations at B.C. in 2012, before being diagnosed with ALS. Frates married his college sweetheart, Julie Kowalik, in 2013 and had a daughter named Lucy in 2014.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge. Pour an ice bucket of water over your head in a certain time frame or donate $100 to ALS research. Pete Frates took it upon himself to use the Ice Bucket Challenge for a fantastic cause. With the challenge going on across the country, it raised over 220 million dollars toward ALS research. Safe to say that Frates’ plan worked out well. Here are a few challenge videos if you forget what I’m referring to:

Good stuff here!

In Conclusion

Pete Frates was a great man. He made so many people aware of what ALS was and how it was affecting the people that had it. The world lost a great one yesterday. His fight will never be forgotten and his legacy will always live on in us forever.

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