Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez will NOT be Buying the Mets

This has been quite the offseason for Mets fans. First we had the Astros scandal break and in classic fashion, the Mets got dragged into it. Carlos Beltran was supposed to manage this years squad, but after his role in the Astros “banging scheme,” the Mets found it best to move on from their new manager. Then, Mets fans rejoiced when we heard the Wilpons would be selling the team to Steve Cohen. Ever since the Wilpons got caught up in the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, fans have been calling for them to sell the team.

When that dream was becoming reality, it all came crashing down. No one really knows what happened but the deal ended up falling through. Ownership remains committed to selling the team, and Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez emerged as potential suitors.

Some Context: Alex Rodriguez and the Mets

The Mets and A-Rod have some history together. In this article from the New York Post, Rodriguez says he regrets not signing with the Mets during the 2000-2001 offseason. Keith Hernandez was his favorite player growing up and he believed it would have been a great story for baseball. Rodriguez signed the largest deal in MLB history at the time with a 10-year $252 million deal with the Texas Rangers. He was then traded to the Yankees a few years later for Alfonso Soriano.

Ownership Possibility

A-Rod and J-Lo became potential buyers of the Mets when the Cohen deal fell through. Together, they have a net worth of around $700 million dollars. They would have needed to form a team to make a bid, similar to what Jeter did with the Marlins. They started to form a team with members of JP Morgan amongst other potential partners, but all attempts fell through. The celebrity couple recently ended their bid to buy the team so the search continues.

Final Thoughts

I was so excited when I heard that Steve Cohen was going to buy the team. He would have been the richest owner in baseball, and was willing to spend money of free agents. That is something Mets fans have not been accustomed to since the mid-2000s. When the deal fell through, I was angry and upset that the Wilpons were being stupid again. I also liked the idea of the A-Rod and J-Lo team coming in. A high profile ownership group would be very beneficial for the Mets. I am at the point right now that I do not care who owns the team as long as it is not Fred and Jeff Wilpon.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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