Breaking: Alex Cora and Red Sox Part Ways

Alex Cora is no longer the Manager of the Boston Red Sox. Unfortunately, we all knew this was coming. Yesterday, the MLB released a nine page report detailing the wrong doing of the 2017 Houston Astros who had been accused of stealing signs. In the report, it was made clear that then Bench Coach Alex Cora had played a big role in this scheme. The Astros quickly responded to the punishments by firing their Manager and GM.

While the MLB did not decide to hand down a punishment for Cora yesterday, it was only because they were planning on waiting until their investigation into the 2018 Red Sox doing something similar was finished. Based on what happened to Hinch, it was pretty obvious that Cora was going to be more severely punished. For one, he seemed to be the mastermind behind the Astros methods and secondly because he continued to do this with the Red Sox.


Though the MLB hasn’t announced what the Red Sox and Alex Cora’s punishments will be, the team decided to act quickly. Tonight, they announced that they will be parting ways with Alex Cora. You can read their joint statement bellow:

This is a sad day for Red Sox fans. The 2018 season was one of the best to watch. It seemed like nothing could stop them. Alex Cora got a lot of credit for that. Unfortunately, that is now all tainted. We’ll never know if Cora was actually a good Manager because this will always be an asterisk next to his time as one.

The Red Sox ownership made the right decision here. They’re probably facing something similar to the punishment the Astros got which will be a challenge. The last thing they needed was to have a suspended Manager that would have become a distraction.

However, the team has just about a month until Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training and they have no Manager. There is no word when they will name one but it is likely to happen soon considering how short of a timeline they have.

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