Alex Cora is definitely NOT happy with the Red Sox right now

It’s safe to say that the Red Sox are NOT playing well at the moment. Since the All-star break, this team has come out sluggish. They have lost six of their last seven games, including a three game sweep from the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana. It’s not looking good right now for the Red Sox. They still are a good team, yes. But it seems like even manager Alex Cora is getting frustrated with his Red Sox team.

So why is Cora frustrated with this current Red Sox team? I have a few ideas.

The Lack of Offense

The Red Sox offense has barely been found, especially over the past seven games. They scored seven total runs in their series against the Tigers. Granted, the Tigers have been better since the All-star break. But the Red Sox should be taking care of business against the under .500 Tigers. Plus, this team with runners in scoring position? Awful! This offense has been sputtering as of late. I know teams will go through slumps like that in a given season. But right now, the Red Sox can’t afford that. And of course, it’s early August and the Red Sox at the moment are going in the wrong direction.

The Lack of Starting Pitching

This begins and ends with two guys, Garrett Richards and Martin Perez. We know the stories with these two. Richards implodes in one or two innings. Perez just doesn’t have it this season and can’t make it past two times in a lineup. Luckily, Chris Sale will be back soon and Tanner Houck looks like he’ll be here to stay for the rest of 2021. It’s simple. Go with Sale, Nathan Eovaldi, Eduardo Rodriguez, Nick Pivetta, and Houck. Cut ties with Perez and Richards. They’re here on one year contracts anyway. It doesn’t help when two out of five days, you have to worry about whether your starting pitcher will last five innings or not.

It Doesn’t Get Easier

The Red Sox have their next four series against the A.L. East. You have the Blue Jays, Rays, Orioles, and Yankees in that order. Minus the Orioles, you have your hands full. Toronto can swing it. Tampa Bay is a complete team. The Yankees have looked great ever since the trade deadline. You have to get back into the win column consistently here.

In Conclusion

Alex Cora is rightfully frustrated. This is not the Red Sox team we saw from April to June at all. The pitching is inconsistent. The hitting is not there. There better be some urgency and fast. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting for your lives just to make the playoffs. Let’s hope this next series in Toronto wakes them up a little bit!

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(Featured Image Credit: NBC Sports)

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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