Alabama Running Back Bo Scarborough Clearly Yells “F*** Trump” Before The National Championship… Says He Yelled “F*** Georgia”

Honestly, what a wild thing to lie about. Just own up to it, man.

There is nothing that could be misconstrued here. It’s laugh out loud funny that he tried brushing this one off. It doesn’t sound remotely like what he’s claiming.

Hey Bo, I am absolutely really listening. There’s not a shot that the second word was Georgia.

This is nothing that will get him dragged through the internet streets. Hating on The Don is in right now among Twitter. ESPECIALLY after watching Trump bumble all over the National Anthem last night. Guy didn’t know a lick of the real words.

Sweet lie my man. But we caught you. Congrats on that big National Championship thing you nabbed last night though. Stealing some money right out of my pocket for hitting that over but whatever. It was the wild finish we deserved after sitting through FOUR HOURS of college football.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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