Advertisements In the 2022-2023 NHL Season


For the 2022- 2023 season, the NHL has decided to go ahead putting advertisement ads on the jerseys of players like they have for the helmets. The ads will be in the form of patches measured in 3 by 3.5 inches. Other sports agencies like the NBA have had these ads on the Jerseys for years and have generated millions from the advertisements.  


Making The Green

It honestly seems like a no-brainer for the NHL to fall in line with the NBA and add more advertisement ads. This past year was hard financially all around the world, and the NHL is no different. In order to attain the most revenue in this upcoming season, this decision is the most logical choice. 

Same Sh*t As Always 

As far as fans go; there will probably be a little bit of an uproar for the next couple weeks, maybe even the first week of the season. After that I really think it will stop being a discussion. The patch is very small and the jersey is still the same jersey it always has been, just with a little extra bling. The helmets were dealt with and are not an issue anymore. The same thing will happen here. 


Chase Who?

As a Rangers fan this doesn’t bother me one bit. When I’m watching I am not focused on the state of the Jersey’s, but rather on the player’s themselves and how they are performing. As for who is going to be the NY Rangers advertisement. My guess would be Chase Bank as Chase is the sponsor that is already on their helmets. 

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