Adidas Releases Atlantic Division Reverse Retro Previews

This morning, Adidas Hockey revealed the official previews for the Atlantic Division Reverso Retro jerseys. Let’s take a look at each team’s design!



Boston Bruins

The Bruins have officially chosen to stick with the “Meth Bear” despite demands from several fans to bring back the “Pooh Bear” jersey.

The bear will serve as the shoulder patch, although I’d love to see it on the chest instead. On the inside collar, you can see the number 90 representing the year the jersey is inspired from. It looks like the main color will be yellow, which is a refreshing change from the predominantly black jerseys the Bruins always wear. It’s a nice shade of yellow, unlike the kind the Nashville Predators wear.


Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres are throwing it back to Y2K for their retro jerseys.

I’m very excited to see they chose the buffalo head instead of this ugly thing:


The white gives the jersey a crisp, clean look which I love. I’m curious to see what they use on the front, considering they already incorporated a buffalo into the design on the shoulders. My best guess is “Buffalo” will be written across the chest.


Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings will not be sporting a shoulder patch like most of the other teams. They’re also one of two teams in the NHL to rock two colors and not three, so they like doing things differently.

This jersey represents the 1998 Red Wings, back when legend Steve Yzerman was captain. The jersey looks like it might be a little bland and lacking some character, but the winged wheel is iconic even all by itself.


Florida Panthers

The Panthers are bringing back one of my favorite NHL logos ever.

Nothing says Florida like the sun and palm trees, so this has always been the perfect logo for them. I hope they go with the leaping panther on the front instead of the panther head they use now since that’s what the 1996 jersey had.


Montreal Canadiens

The Habs will be going back to 1976, one out of the 24 seasons they have won the Stanley Cup.

The classic “bleu, blanc, et rouge” will be shown off in these jerseys. The Canadiens logo is so recognizable that they don’t need to do much to spice it up. Like the Red Wings, it looks like there might not be a shoulder patch on these.


Ottawa Senators

The 1992 Senators jersey is beautiful and I’m so happy to see they’re going back to this design.

The shoulder patch is truly *chef’s kiss* and there is nothing like the old version of the senator head on the front.

So fresh, so clean.


Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning are honoring their 2004 Stanley Cup champions with these throwbacks.

The shoulder patch is a lightning bolt with the state of Florida placed behind it. We all remember superstars Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis rocking these early 2000s style jerseys.


Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs are going back to 1970 when they lost in the first round of the playoffs to the New York Rangers. I wasn’t NOT going to make a first-round exit joke, okay?

Jokes aside, this Original Six team has one of the best logos in league history. The blue maple leaf will be on the shoulder and I assume on the front as well.


I’m a huge fan of all these sweaters, I honestly can’t even choose which one I think is best. Adidas did a wonderful job and I can’t wait for the full reveal, which is hopefully sooner rather than later.


Get your wallets out because these are definitely worth a buy!


– Caylee Allard (@2kaRask)


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