Adam Sandler Is A Walking Bucket

People for years have told me that I look and act like famous actor Adam Sandler. I used to not like it because I was a little kid and wanted my own identity. But, after seeing this video yesterday of Adam Sandler balling out, those remarks aren’t too bad after all.

I mean, let’s look at each play in detail.

The Reverse Lay-Up

I get it, it’s an LA Fitness recreation type of game. Nobody is really trying particular hard on defense. But, Sandler does have some nice hand-eye coordination here. Switching from the right hand to the left hand to finish the left-handed lay-up looks really smooth here. We saw a lot of outside shooting from Sandler in the “Grown Ups” movies. It was nice to see Sandler drive into the paint and finish.

The Mid-Range Jumper

The jump shot is Sandler’s bread and butter. It didn’t disappoint again. It did look like Ben Simmons jump shot in the sense that you couldn’t tell which hand was Sandler’s dominant hand. But hey, as long as the ball goes in, who cares right? Sandler gets the job done on and off the court and that’s all we care about at the end of the day.

The Quick Pass

This was Rajon Rondo-esque! Sandler had the presence of mind to fire a bullet to his teammate for an easy bucket. The ball wasn’t even in his hands for a full second before firing off a bullet pass. Some NBA teams might be giving Sandler a call to give some good minutes off of the bench. Coincidence? I think not!

In Conclusion

It’s great to see Adam Sandler spending time with the common folk, playing some pickup hoop. Plus, shoutout to Sandler for continuously rocking the baggy shorts look. Not a lot of people can pull it off, but the Sand man can! Look out NBA, a new star could be on the horizon.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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