Aaron Rodgers Wants Out

The internet has broke hours before the NFL Draft. Reports are now being released that reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers does not want to return to Green Bay in 2021.


Schefter dropped an absolute bomb shell today hours before the NFL Draft. This anger all started when the Packers selected Jordan Love with their first round pick in 2020. When that started Rodgers’ camp was already not thrilled with the organization. It seems that we were looking at a Favre 2.0 situation. Green Bay looks like they are pushing their franchise quarterback out, and Green Bay fans are livid right now.


Ian Rapoport reports that Green Bay is committed to getting an extension done with Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has been frustrated during the contract talks. It might be too late for Green Bay to get a deal done with Rodgers. The 37 year old quarterback has an a potential out after this season and wanted to extend his contract to commit to being a Green Bay Packer for life. It looks as this relationship is worse than it already was before so now what. All night fans will be looking for a huge bombshell to drop about Rodgers getting traded. With that being said tonight should be one for the ages. We could see for the first time ever a reigning MVP traded after winning the MVP the season prior.


What does the future hold for Aaron Rodgers? There are three teams that could use him right now and could offer a good trade in return for Rodgers. The three teams in my opinion are New England, Miami, and Washington.


New England

With the Patriots having all this hype about trading up for a quarter back tonight. Why not take a shot at Aaron Rodgers? Stephon Gilmore and three firsts for Aaron Rodgers sounds ideal to me. Green Bay desperately needs a corner back and having a dynamic duo of Gilmore and Jaire Alexander in the secondary would be scary. Also you could use the 15th pick to trade up and get a quarterback if you really love one in this year’s class. The Patriots make the most sense to me only because of the fact that the deal they could offer for Rodgers might be one of the best that we could see come out.



This is an interesting one due to the fact that they have a quote on quote “young stud” at quarterback that they could use as trade bait. Miami has a plethora of draft picks for the next couple of seasons. If they dip into those picks and add Tua to the mix for Rodgers, it might be hard for Green Bay to decline that deal. I personally think Miami comes out like bandits if that is the case. Rodgers with this Miami team might be a match made in heaven. Watch out for Miami’s name when it comes to Aaron Rodgers trade talks.



The Football team had the second ranked defense in the league last season. Their offense also is pretty good as well. Now imagine adding Aaron Rodgers to that offense. I could see this being a big time win for Washington if they could get him to be their quarterback. Rodgers’ Green Bay teams struggled on defense, if he gets a good defense I think we could see Rodgers hoisting another Lombardi trophy before his career ends. With how talented this team can be with a good starting quarterback, they should be a team that you have to watch out for as well when it comes to Aaron Rodgers talks.


Does He Stay Or Does He Go?

Personally I think Rodgers is on his way out of Green Bay. I think the relationship between the two is too fragile right now. They should both move on, with Green Bay looking towards the future and Rodgers looking towards winning another title somewhere else. Make sure you are following the Couch Guy Sports Socials to stay updated on everything go on. Twitter is @CouchGuySports, also make sure to follow on twitch (twitch.tv/couchguysports).


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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