Aaron Judge Continues To Prove He’s A Mutant & Wins The 2017 Home Run Derby

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I don’t understand this guy. This guy is a rookie, at 25, but still a rookie nonetheless. Watching Aaron Judge stroke the baseball this season has been one of the most entertaining things in sports and proves why we need ‘roids back in baseball.

Really quick because I’m about to go off of the rails. But I just want to talk about steroids in baseball for a second. For the longest time I considered myself a baseball purist. And for the most part I still am. Except for the pitch clock because that needs to happen. But after seeing what Aaron Judge has been doing this season, I have officially jumped aboard the steroid train.

I’m not saying Judge takes ‘roids. Again, just to reiterate the title here, I think Judge is just a mutant those D-bags in New York created in a lab somewhere.

But not many people have been able to do what this guy has done. I mean 30 home runs in the first half of the season as a rook? Jesus, come on now.

We need more home runs. We need those juiced up animals putting baseballs on the moon. Make baseball fun again and lets start tearing the cover off of the ball.

But back to the derby. Judge took home the crown tonight with 47 jacks dethroning the reigning champion, Giancarlo Stanton.

And one of the most impressive dingers that he hit tonight was the final one he had to put out in the first round. He was massacring these pitches. His opponent in the first round was Justin Bour who apparently LOVES doughnuts. Bour scarfed one down mid-first round. All-Time move. But even amid the doughnut eating, Bour hit 22 bombs.

So Judge needed 23 to move on. But midway through the first round Judge hit one so deep and far that it hit the roof before making it out. The TV and I assume in stadium scoreboard counted it, but the officials didn’t. So with seconds on the clock Judge hits “number 23” and steps out of the box like he won. Then one of the officials came over and told him to hold up because he was actually tied at 22. So with maybe a couple of seconds left Judge has a final pitch fed to him and he rips it to deep left center field. Easy. Done. Next victim.

I gotta say that I love the derby. And it was awesome tonight watching these guys mash the ball. Aaron Judge is a next level athlete and it has been insane to watch him play.

Honestly just wish he was more of an A-hole so I could hate him. But he seems like a nice guy which sucks. Maybe he’ll get cocky enough one day to charge the mound after he gets plunked. That would be beautiful.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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