A Trout Passes A Salmon! MLB Recap Week 7

I will start on a more sadder note, two MLB legends and Hall Of Famers died this past week. Tom Seaver and Lou Brock passed away within 6 days of each other. Both of them were true hard-nose baseball players. Also one of, if not the best, players of all time hit another milestone in his young career. Mike Trout became the Angels all time leader in homeruns.


Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver was born on 11/17/44 and passed away on 8/31/20. If you want to have some fun (if you are a baseball nerd like me) check out his baseball reference page. Seaver was a Rookie Of The Year (1967), 3 time Cy Young (1969, 1973, & 1975) and won the 1969 World Series with the Mets.

Seaver retired in 1986, 10 years before I was born. So he was before my time as a baseball fan. But from everything I read he was beloved in the game. He was a true competitor. He will be someone missed by all of baseball.

RIP MLB Legends Tom Seaver & Lou Brock

Lou Brock

Lou Brock was born on 6/18/39 and passed away on 9/6/20. Another player who I can get lost in looking at his numbers on baseball reference. He was a 6 time All Star and 2 time World Series Champ (1964 & 1967). Before Rickey Henderson took it, Brock was the all-time steals leader with 938.

Brock was another player who beloved by all of baseball. He spent his whole career with the Cardinals. After reading this article in the St. Louis Post I can see why everyone loved him so much. He was one of the toughest players in all of baseball. Brock was not going to come out of a game because of anything.

Hall of Famer Lou Brock Dies at Age 81 | Metsmerized Online

One of the really cool things in today’s world is video games. If you go back to read this article of mine you can see I love MLB The Show. I have heard of both Seaver and Brock before The Show. But I can learn so much more about older players that were before my time. They are both legends in the game you can play with. You can truly see what type of player they were by playing with them.

Mike Trout Passes Tim Salmon

Now for some more happier news to report. Mike Trout passed Tim Salmon on the Angels all-time homerun board. Salmon was at 299 (why couldn’t he 1 more to get it to a nice 300). On Saturday Trout launched homerun number 300 of his young career.

This is just one accomplishment in his all ready Hall Of Fame career. I believe we are watching the most complete player in MLB history. Trout can steal bases (has 201), hit homeruns (has 300), hits for average (.305 career average), makes plays in centerfield (.993 career field percentage), and has a good arm (38 career outfield assists). That makes him a 5 tool player. It is so cool to be able to watch Trout play everyday. I think he will break some all time MLB records before his career is over.

Mike Trout Now Nearly Stands Alone, Winning His Third AL MVP With Los Angeles Angels

WEEKLY RECAP (8/31 – 9/6)

AL East

Orioles: 4-2 Won the last game of there road series at the Blue Jays then split a home series verse the Mets and won 3 of 4 at home against the Yankees.

Red Sox: 2-6 Got swept by the Braves then lost 3 of 5 games verse the Blue Jays.

Yankees: 2-6 Lost 2 of 3 to the Rays then lost a makeup game at the Mets then won 1 of 4 at the Orioles.

Rays: 4-2 Won 2 of 3 at the Yankees then won 2 of 3 home games verse the Marlins.

Blue Jays: 4-4 Lost the last game at the Orioles then split a 2 game series at Marlins then won 3 of 5 verse the Red Sox.

Orioles reset: Recent debuts show Bowie camp to be a boon for player development - Baltimore Sun

AL Central

White Sox: 5-2 Lost 2 of 3 at the Twins then swept the Royals in a 4 game road series.

Indians: 4-2 Won 2 of 3 in 2 series at Royals and at home verse the Brewers.

Tigers: 2-4 Split a 2 game set at the Brewers then lost 3 of the first 4 at the Twins.

Royals: 1-6 Won 1 of 3 at home against the Indians then got swept by the White Sox.

Twins: 5-2 Won 2 of 3 verse the White Sox then won 3 of first 4 against the Tigers.

White Sox rookie Luis Robert drops jaws with insane diving catch vs. Royals | RSN

AL West

Astros: 2-5 Won 2 of 3 verse the Rangers then got swept in 4 games by the Angels.

Angels: 5-2 Lost the last one verse the Mariners then split a 2 game series verse the Padres then swept the Astros in 4 games.

Athletics: Series against the Mariners postponed due to COVID then lost 2 of 3 verse the Padres.

Mariners: 4-0 Won their last game at the Angles then their series was postponed then won the first 3 games verse the Rangers.

Rangers: 1-5 Won 1 of 3 at the Astros then lost the first 3 at the Mariners.

Seattle Mariners (@Mariners) | Twitter

NL East

Braves: 5-2 Swept the Red Sox then split 4 games verse the Nationals.

Marlins: 3-3 Won a makeup game verse the Mets then split with the Blue Jays then lost 2 of 3 at the Rays.

Mets: 4-3 Lost a makeup game verse the Marlins then split a series with the Orioles then won a makeup game verse the Yankees then won 2 of 3 verse the Phillies.

Phillies: 5-2 Swept the Nationals at home then lost 2 of the first 3 at the Mets.

Nationals: 2-6 Swept at the Phillies then split a 4 game series at the Braves.

Gamethread 9/4: Phillies at Mets - The Good Phight

NL Central

Cubs: 3-4 Won 2 of 3 at the Pirates then lost 3 of 4 at home against the Cardinals.

Reds: 3-4 Lost 2 of 3 verse the Cardinals then split a 4 game set against the Pirates.

Brewers: 3-3 Won the last game verse the Pirates then split a 2 game set against the Tigers then lost 2 of 3 at the Indians.

Pirates: 3-5 Lost the last one verse the Brewers then lost 2 of 3 verse the Cubs then split a 4 game series verse the Reds.

Cardinals: 5-2 Won 2 of 3 at the Reds then won 3 of 4 against the Cubs.

Cardinals prime their rotation for rival Cubs as weekend at Wrigley begins armload of games | St. Louis Cardinals | stltoday.com

NL West

Diamondbacks: 1-5 Swept at the Dodgers then won 1 of 3 at the Giants.

Rockies: 3-3 Lost the last one against the Padres then split a 2 game series verse the Giants then won 2 of 3 at the Dodgers.

Dodgers: 4-2 Swept the D-Backs then won 1 of 3 verse the Rockies.

Padres: 4-2 Won the last one at the Rockies then split 2 games at the Angels then won 2 of 3 verse the A’s.

Giants: 3-2 Split 2 on the road at the Rockies then won 2 of the first 3 verse the D-Backs.

San Diego Padres | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Scores, Stats and Standings


Losing 2 baseball legends during the week was tough. Both Tom Seaver and Lou Brock will be deeply missed by everyone. But in brighter things Mike Trout is doing what he does best and break records. Are we seeing an all-time great? I think so! Catch me on Legends Lingo. YESSIR!

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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