A Potential Jacoby Brissett Return to New England?

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It is without a question that right now a quarterback for the Patriots remains a must. Especially as we came off the NFL Draft and did not pull the trigger on several targets that maybe we should’ve including people like Jalen Hurts, James Morgan, heck even Jordan Love!

Yes, we have Jarrett Stidham and we have Brian Hoyer, but let’s be honest for a second here… Stidham was great during the off season. But it worries me that now, with a more physical NFL and with our schedule this year, that an injury could happen to Stidham. Would I put all my eggs in one basket and trust Hoyer to do the job should Stidham become injured? Personally, no there is no way I trust Hoyer, I would even take the likes of a Tim Tebow way before I trust Hoyer.

As I think more about it though, I find myself asking, what if maybe all of this is part of a master plan that Belichick is planning and soon to put the finishing touches on?

I am not opposed to having a possibility of signing Andy Dalton. He is definitely not my top choice. But, it could bring some stability to the position rather than lots of uncertainty as we are all currently experiencing. Could there be the potential of having someone like Cam Newton? Maybe! Quite frankly though, I do not see Cam Newton doing well under a Belichick administration. He will certain struggle and being as injury prone as he’s been, I think we are looking for more of a reliable and stronger solution.

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So could see a potential major key alert coming to New England? Absolutely! I strongly believe it could happen.

While Brissett is not one to take to social media, at least not yet, imagine how angry and disappointed one must feel to have to sit on the sidelines and become a second option to a Phillip Rivers especially after carrying out a decent season for Indianapolis and a 88 rate.

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Personally if I was Bill, I don’t see a reason why not to offer Jacoby a starting position. When Jacoby was with the Patriots, Jacoby was highly productive. His understanding of the playbook was amazing. Brissett can certainly run the ball and his rushing game would be lethal. This would be great for a team filled with young talent, especially with this years’ draft picks.

Obviously the concerns are cap space, and Brissett is still under contract so a trade would certainly have to happen so timing right now for the patriots to make a trade would make total sense and would be the most suitable and affordable solution especially as time is ticking and the need is becoming more of a must for New England.

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