A Long Season Becomes Even Longer

Lets face it, the 2020 season has not been the best for the New England Patriots so far. Cam Newton is underperforming, injuries have been adding up, and now, the Patriots face an even bigger challenge. A depleted Wide Receiver core just became even more empty. On Thursday, October 29th, Wide Receiver Julian Edelman underwent a precautionary knee procedure. At last, fans can finally get the answer as to why Edelman hasn’t been himself this season.

Yes, along side with the rest of the Patriots offense, Edelman has looked awful. Edelman has only been targeted by Cam Newton 39 times. Within those 39 targets, he has 21 receptions, for 315 yards and no touchdowns. Yikes. That is not the wild child Julian Edelman Patriots have gotten to know and love over the years. Edelman, who is arguably one of the best Wide Receivers to ever suit up in a Patriots uniform, may have lost his touch as being known as the best slot Wide Receiver in the league.

So what happens now with Jules? He’ll be out for “some time” the Patriots are saying. How long is “some time”? As of right now it is unknown, but it should be about a month or so. New England has already ruled him out for this Sunday’s game against division leading rival the Buffalo Bills, a game that is a must win for New England if they want to salvage their season. What can fans expect once Julian Edelman returns? He definitely shouldn’t be this bad once he is healthy again. Expect some touchdowns from him, but nothing spectacular. If New England is smart, they don’t overuse him once he is back depending on their record. Regardless, the struggling team and struggling player just cant seem to catch a break this season.

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-Matt Burnett (mattthew_jordan on twitter) 

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