An Honest Review of The Travis Scott McDonald’s Meal

Yesterday I was hungover.  I went out on Saturday. I forgot my nursery rhymes of “beer before liquor, never been sicker.”  I got sick and had a rough Sunday morning fighting back the hangover burps and the borderline emergency room heartburn that I usually get. Anyway, around 3 PM I decided that it was time to eat and what better hangover food than McDonald’s.  I will say that McDonald’s isn’t my first choice for hangover food. I mostly go to my local sub shop where they know my Sunday morning order just by the look on my disheveled face.

But yesterday was different. I was out and wanted to give this Travis Scott meal a try because every other commercial is for the Travis Scott meal.  So I pulled up and was told that I cannot say “Cactus Jack sent me.”  I really wish I did because that was the main reason I wanted to order the fucking thing. So finally after I paid my $13.57 bill (I got a milkshake too and a side of fries) I pulled over and wanted to give this thing a honest review.

Granted, I kind of had an idea what to expect. It’s just a Quarter Pounder with bacon and shredded lettuce.  So, me, hungover in a Market Basket parking lot took a big gulp of the spiciest, most crispiest Sprite these lips have ever touched.  It was so crispy I shot out of my seat and the hangover was suddenly gone.  But as you all know, McDonald’s Sprite and Coke are undefeated.  Next I reached into the bag and pulled out french fries that burnt the tips of my fingers. To which I dropped them in the car for a nice dinner for the family of spiders living there. After a cool 30 seconds I cracked the BBQ sauce and fries combo (which I am a big fan of, it was always a college go to). Sometimes (most times) I prefer BBQ sauce with my meal over ketchup, it’s just a preference thing.

So Finally…

So after a few fries, I opened the Cactus Jack burger. Boy, was I disappointed that it was just a Quarter Pounder with bacon and shredded lettuce!  I wish everyone saw the look of disappointment on my face when I opened the box. What sucks is that I knew it was just a Quarter Pounder with bacon.  But I didn’t want to believe that.  However, I will say the burger was delicious. But what McDonald’s burger isn’t???  I think I am more disappointed at the marketing. There’c clear blatant fake hype over a burger that you could have ordered from the beginning. My initial thought when I heard of the Cactus Jack meal would be something like a Texas burger.  I don’t know, maybe a Quarter Pounder with BBQ, pepper jack cheese, some onion rings, and then topped with Texas toast. SEE I JUST MADE THAT.  But no, McDonald’s fooled us all with a just a number 2 with bacon…

-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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