A Final Four For The Ages

After two weeks of historical upsets, and thrilling buzzer beating shots, the Final Four is set. Is this the Final Four that everyone predicted? Did you have 11th seeded Loyola Chicago in your Final Four? I highly doubt you did. If you told me that you had Michigan, Kansas, or Villanova,then it wouldn’t surprise me. The two games are set for Saturday March 31st. 

Michigan vs Loyola Chicago, 6:09 PM ET 

These are two of the hottest teams in the country. The Ramblers are on a 14 game win streak, while Michigan is on a 13 game win streak. Which teams winning streak will come to an end? It’s hard to go against a team like the Ramblers, that have all the confidence in the world right now. The Ramblers even went back to their school for a pep rally, guaranteeing victory. This may come back to bight them in the ass, but confidence is key. Michigan and Loyola play a similar type of basketball.

Both teams can hit shots from beyond the arc and play big time defense. However, Michigan is a superior team in this match up.  Michigan’s last game against Florida St. proved so much. Nothing went right for them the entire game, but they still found a way to pull off a victory. Expect this game to be a rock fight with Michigan pulling away in the fourth quarter.

Final Score:

Michigan 72 Loyola 59

Villanova vs Kansas, 8:49 PM ET

Surprisingly, this may have not been the match up everyone predicted. Kansas is a team that didn’t receive much love in many brackets. Most people picked Michigan St. or Duke to prevail from the Midwest. Kansas has proved that they are capable of winning close games and can score points when needed. The Jayhawks cracked a decent Duke zone, and were able to knock down big threes to get here.

On the other side, Villanova has only had one close game against West Virginia. Both teams shoot over 40% from three which is bananas. Both have a dominant point guard that can take/control a game (Jalen Brunson & Devonte Graham). Both teams also have Hall of Fame coaches. This is the heavyweight match up everyone wants to see. Nova is just the total package when it comes to college basketball teams. Everyone in their starting five is capable of being the leading scorer, and they don’t make dumb mistakes. 

Final Score:

Villanova 65 Kansas 60

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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