5 Underrated Browns Players This Season.

The Cleveland Browns are an excellent football team and this season hasn’t gone like fans hoped it would but there is still players on this team that have gone underrated this season.

Who are five players on the Cleveland Browns that are much better than fans and media give them credit for?

Grant Delpit.


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When the Cleveland Browns picked Grant Delpit in the 2020 draft everyone was very excited to see how he could help the Brown secondary as he impressed massively at LSU. Unfortunately Delpit suffered a torn Achilles and missed his rookie year.

Coming into this season Delpit felt more than ready to play ball and prove when they picked him the 2020 draft but injuries were still lingering with hamstring injuries during pre season. Delpit managed to play 15 games overall with 66 tackles, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble.

Not many players can come back from an Achilles injury in a year and play the way that Delpit has and only missing two games due to injury and covid, Delpit is going to become a huge player for the secondary in years to come, he’s a young talent that is going to go far.

D’Ernest Johnson.

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Not many people knew who D’ernest Johnson was until he stepped on the field when Nick Chubb went down with a knee injury. Johnson went undrafted in the 2018 draft and was invited to a mini rookie camp with the Saints but wasn’t picked up, you only have to read on his story to see how far he has come. The Cleveland Browns eventually signed him in 2019 but the slow grind really starting to shine during the last season.

As a Running Back on the Cleveland Browns it’s hard to get game time when you have Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt on the team. When both Chubb and Hunt picked up injuries throughout the season Johnson was ready to step up and prove his spot. D’Ernest Johnson managed to play 17 games with 534 yards and 3 touchdowns with 5.3 yards per carry, this is a player that could step up when two of the best running backs in the league are out.

D’Ernest Johnson is a player that takes every oppournity he can and he proved that this season, I would love to see him back next year but also would love to see him get regular plays and that’s hard with the Browns with Chubb and Hunt on the team.

Denzel Ward.

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Denzel ward is very hit and miss with Browns fans, he’s like marmite you either love him or hate him. With Ward the main reason people are 50/50 on him is his injuries, he finds it very hard to stay healthy but in 2021 he did stay healthy. He only missed two games, one due to covid and one to a hamstring injury.

Ward has made some incredible plays and kept the Browns in a game when they easily could’ve lost it especially that 100 yard pick on Joe Burrow. Ward has managed to play 15 games this season and managed 3 interceptions, 10 passes defended, 34 solo tackles, and 2 quarterback hits.

There is a feeling that the best is yet to come for Denzel Ward both on and off the field, and Browns fans want to see his career flourish in Cleveland. Well 50% of them.

Wyatt Teller.

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If you ask any Browns fan they will tell you how much they love Wyatt Teller and how much of a player he is. Teller came to the Browns via trade from the Bills and has slotted right into that Guard spot.

Wyatt will put his body on the line to make sure the offence gets the plays done. He started all 17 games this season and didn’t miss one snap! Teller ended the season with a 84.5 overall rating via PFF.

Wyatt Teller is a major part of the offence and will do anything to protect the plays, Teller even managed to get his first Pro Bowl honour last month and proved once again to be one of the league’s most dominant and powerful blockers, particularly in the run game.

MJ Stewart.

image credit - 247sports.comimage credit -247sports.com

MJ Stewart has gone very under the radar this season but he has made some unbelievable plays. The Cleveland Browns claimed MJ of waivers in 2020.

MJ Stewart has had two outstanding games he He had 8 solo tackles against the Raiders and followed that up with 9 in the Packers game, in the Raiders game, he played 97% of the snaps, and in the Packers game, 100%. He’s a very consistent player. Throughout this season he managed 47 tackles, 34 which were solo and one forced fumble.

It’s not just this season he’s played well during the 2020 season he intercepted a Ben Roethlisberger pass in the Browns’ wildcard playoff victory and had 13 solo tackles in both of the Browns 2020 playoff games.

With his level of play, Stewart is making a case for an extension and to return to the Browns in 2022.

There is so many good players on the Browns football team and no matter how the season went, there is talent everywhere and next season they will prove exactly that. The Cleveland Browns are a great football team and the future is very bright.

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