5 Players The Browns Should Sign To Long-Term Extensions.

There is no doubt that this season hasn’t gone the way the Browns would’ve hoped for, but there is something hopeful there was players who proved that they deserve a new long term contract.

This roster will not and shouldn’t look the same next season, yes they should look at Free Agency but there is plenty of players already in house they should keep hold of for next season. These are just five guys that I personally think deserve to be here next year.

Jadeveon Clowney

It’s very rare for both number one defensive ends picks to be on the same team but the Browns have that in Garrett and Clowney. The Browns took the risk on signing Clowney as it didn’t work out with the Titans due to the injuries Clowney picked up.

While he doesn’t have Defensive Player Of The Year or stats that make you think WOW, he’s been a force alongside Myles Garrett. Clowney managed 9 sacks this season whereas Garrett managed 16, but this is still better than his previous two seasons.

Clowney managed to play 14 games with the Browns, he had 37 total tackles (24 solo), 2 forced fumbles and 19 QB hits. The pressure that Clowney has been able to bring has helped Garrett be able to get round and take the QB down. These two players are a duo that can be lethal together and that’s exactly what the Browns and Garrett himself have been looking for.

David Njoku.

David Njoku and the Browns has been a very rocky relationship over the past few years but it seems like the relationship is finally on the right track.

There is many Tight Ends on the Browns team that are great such as Bryant and Hooper but let’s get real Njoku is the number one. This is no disrespect to either of them as I love them as players.

We can’t talk about Njoku without talking about that trade request, he asked for it and he didn’t get it but rather than complaining he got his head down and worked hard. He focused on improving his blocking and did a great job. He has turned into a well-polished tight end who can do it all.

This season he has proved exactly why he deserves that contract in 16 games he’s caught for 36 passes for 475 yards and 4 touchdowns. The offence has a lot of work to do but re-signing Njoku could be a huge bonus and show that the Browns want to succeed and reach that Superbowl.

Denzel Ward.

There is plenty of Cornerbacks within the Browns team such as Greg Newsome and Greedy Williams who are great players but Ward is the name that comes to mind when you think about a CB at the Browns. Injuries have been a part of Ward’s story but he’s on the right track for now.

This season Denzel has had some game changing plays including the pick-six against the Bengals and the hit on Rashod Bateman which helped seal the win against the Ravens. Denzel finished this season with 43 tackles (34 of them solo),  3 interceptions an 0.5 of a sack.

Denzel Ward has proved this season that when healthy he’s a weapon that the team needs. Injuries have played a part in his journey but it’s not the end, it’s just the start.

D’Ernest Johnson.

It’s hard for any Running Back to get in the team over Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb but when they went down injured this season D’Ernest Johnson stepped up and proved how good he can play.

Johnson managed to play in the whole 17 weeks of the season where he ranked up over 100 rushing attempts for 534 yards with 3 touchdowns. The slow grind was real.  We can’t not talk about that week 7 game where he won FedEx player of the week He rushed for 146 yards with 1 touchdown!

Johnson has taken every opportunity that was thrown at him this season and proved when the top 2 Running Backs are out injured he can perform, I would love to see him stay here but also want him to have regular football whatever happens happens.

Anthony Walker.

Now this one might come as a bit of a surprise to some people but I think Walker has a lot to prove. Walker came to the Browns from Free Agency and we all know that many players on the Browns team have come from there and proved themselves.

Walker has had a shaky season for sure but his stats prove otherwise where he ranked up 113 tackles (69 solo) and 1 sack and this while missing 4 games.

This was a prove it or go season for Walker, It’s not just his tackles that have made people stop and think it’s also his defensive snaps where he has been on the field for 87% of them. Walker is only 26 years old, he’s young in the world of NFL and if he keeps playing the way he is then it’s a no brainer that he gets signed long term.

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of work to do before the new season but these five players deserve to be offered a long term contract and help turn this team into SuperBowl contenders. They have proved themselves this season especially when it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

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