5 Big Predictions on The Road to WrestleMania

5. No Title Changes at FastLane

This prediction isn’t the most far fetched, but has an obvious effect on WrestleMania. We saw 3 new champions at The Elimination Chamber Pay-Per View. Between FastLane and WrestleMania, there are only 28 days, and that is not a lot of time to develop storylines. I believe that from now, until WrestleMania, the build will begin, and stay solid. Crazier things have definitely happened, but I think the WWE has a lot of building up to do, with not enough time for more changes.


4. Becky Lynch Gets Added to WrestleMania Match

Okay admittedly, another prediction that some may not find hard to believe. However there are still a lot of people upset that Becky isn’t currently listed for the match. Granted she has been selling her knee injury perfectly, and WWE social media seems to be “breaking” news about her injury, but take that with a grain of salt. After all it is the WWE, and Becky Lynch is the hottest superstar in the company. Vince McMahon has made a few mistakes in the past, but if you think he’s going to miss an opportunity to put his most popular wrestler in the main event with the biggest household name in the company, well then you may be as crazy as he is.


3. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Hash it out

We saw a brief segment on Raw where Dean came back from losing a match, and asked Seth “where were you”. Seth proceeded to ask if Dean had completely lost his mind and Dean responded with a simple “eh” before walking away. There are many rumors swirling about how Seth may be able to slay the beast Brock Lesnar. If you combine some of those rumors with the rumors that Dean Ambrose is leaving after Mania, it may prove my theory to be correct. I think the WWE wants to leave Wrestlemania with a lasting image. I also believe that Dean Ambrose and even Roman Reigns may play a part in Seth’s win. The image of the new champion Seth, the surprise return Reigns, and Departing Ambrose, all at the top of the ramp could be an image that goes down in history.


2. No Undertaker

This seems nearly impossible. The road to WrestleMania with no Undertaker appearance? According to numerous reports, The Undertaker is currently not scheduled for a match at WrestleMania. Now that could always change, however the dead man has taken all things related to WWE off of his twitter page. He also has been scheduling appearances outside of the WWE. Easily the biggest WrestleMania tradition for more than two decades now, looks like it may be off the card for this year.

1. Big Time Returns

This is always highly speculated around this time, but this could be the year of a few big returns. WrestleMania 32 had us gasping for air when the likes of Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold all made a surprise appearance. This is one thing I feel WrestleMania’s 33, and 34 lacked. With that being said there are a few names that could make returns. One name thrown around early was Batista. It seemed like the direction was for a Batista, Triple-H match, however when Triple-H got injured, it seemed forgotten. Triple-H has said in an interview that he was cleared to begin training again. From the date of that interview, to WrestleMania 35, there’s plenty of time to get healthy enough for a match.
Another big time return that is heavily speculated is The Rock. Initial plans were said to have him with the Royal Rumble, so he may have had plans at WrestleMania anyway. He doesn’t necessarily have to have a match however. I think a comedic, musical segment with Elias would do wonders. It would be a nice break in a long night of wrestling, and be a good spot for Elias as well.
Finally, I truly believe we’ll see an appearance from Roman Reigns. He has made special appearances at autograph signings, and on TV shows, so that is a very good sign. I also think with former Shield member Seth, having a match against Roman’s biggest career rival, it would make a lot of sense. This doesn’t always have to be a very physical return, or physical at all for that matter. Seeing Roman show support for Seth, distract Brock to help Seth win, or just seeing Roman at all, would be an extremely special WrestleMania moment.
-Joe Pegoraro (@pegs1017)

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