3 Coaches To Replace Joe Judge

 Kellen Moore:

One of the young, up and coming offensive coordinators in the league is Dallas Cowboys’ offense coordinator, Kellen Moore! Kellen Moore, week in and week out, has his Dallas offense clicking! When you watch his play calls, he uses different sets, motions, and use all his receivers to the best of their abilities! Time and time again he puts Dak in good spots with his playmaking to be successful! If the Giants stick with Daniel jones, I would love to see this guy as a potential head coach and see what scheme he could draw up for the Giants. When healthy the Giants have weapons! Kellen Moore is a bright mind and weather it’s the Giants or another team he will be a hot coaching candidate! 

 Brian Dobell: 

One of the hottest names in all of football is Bills offensive coordinator Brian Dobell! When you look at the Bills offense and  what Brian has done with Josh Allen, it is nothing but remarkable! Week in and week out this offense is explosive, creative, and fun to watch! I would love for him to get the chance to be the Giants coach and to see what he could do with Daniel jones and the rest of the Giants weapons when healthy! I feel like he could take Daniel Jones quarterback play to the next level and help him evolve to the franchise QB the Giants want him to be! Either way, keep an eye out for Brian Dobell’s name. He will be a head coach somewhere next season and a name to watch out for! 

 Eric Bieniemy

The last, and probably the hottest name on the market on NFL black Monday for coaches is chiefs offense coordinator Eric Bieniemy! For the last two years we have heard his name being considered for head coaching jobs! Year in and year out Eric had the Chiefs offense clicking and being one of the top offenses in the league! Week in and week out this team puts up points and has plays that seems to gameplay towards defensive weakness! This guy deserves a shot to be a head coach and I would fully support the Giants making him their head coach! I believe the Super bowl experience and experience busking a dynamic offense. He succeeds with plays that make him a great fit! 


Time will tell what the Giants do, but these three coaches are three names to look out for if Joe judge gets canned! I’m not rooting against Joe Judge, but he seems to be loosing the team and if they clear house, which seems likely. A new coach will be in place and I truly hope the Giants get it right!

Christopher Addorisio: Addorisio 19 on Twitter

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