3 Best Transfer Targets For: Arsenal

I will be writing my three best targets for teams heading up until the October 5th transfer deadline. Today we are talking about Arsenal. Arsenal is starting to make it back up the table in the premier league, and to take that next step they need a piece or two to help that team. I believe that Arsenal should be looking into helping their midfield, and strengthening their back end as well. With that being said here are my three best transfer targets for Arsenal to go after.


Houseem Aouar (Midfielder)

This one is a little different from the other two, but Aouar has already been contacted by Arsenal and had an agreement on wages. The only thing holding this up is Aouar’s current club. Lyon can’t seem to find a price that they are wanting from Arsenal in order to give up Aouar. Aouar is only 22 years old, and has shown in the Ligue 1 that he can be a big piece for a team. I would love to see him finally make his way to a league that is actually competitive. He could easily help take Arsenal to the next level as they need some help in the midfield at this very moment.


Thomas Partey (Midfielder)

Mikael Arteta has some long term plans that looks to help be able to take Arsenal back to the top of the leader board as long as everything goes according to his plan. He is planning on changing the midfield up, and getting a guy like Thomas Partey would do just that. The 27 year old is a solid defensive midfielder currently for Atletico Madrid. Atletico is trying to make some changes of their own, and Arsenal should capitalize on this opportunity.

Obviously it doesn’t seem that Ozil is in the plans for the future of Arsenal. If Arteta can pull off this transfer, you have to talk about putting Arsenal in the conversations as a team that could finish somewhere in the table where this team will play UEFA Champions League Futbol next season.


Dayot Upamecano (Defender)

This man right here is wanted my many teams in the Premier League. He is who Arsenal should focus on getting to help strengthening that back end. Upamecano is a 21 year old defender that is currently playing for RB Leipzig. He is one of the most sought after defenders in the transfer market at this very moment. Arteta has plans for the future, and if he can strengthen the back end; this team is going to be exciting to watch for years to come. This right here would be a top five move that could be made in this transfer window. If Arsenal can pull this move off their defense becomes that much more stronger.


If Arsenal is able to pull off all three of these, or at least one to two of these transfers off; this team could make some serious noise this season in the EPL.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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