2019 WWE Preview

2018 was a very up, and down year for the WWE, so where do we go from here? Everyone likes to think they know what’s best for the company but I’m going to break down my 5 keys to a successful 2019.

  1. Rewrite the history of the Universal Championship. I mean let’s be real here, the history of this title has been horrible. Finn held it for a day before having to relinquish it due to injury. Kevin Owens held it for a short time before losing it to a part-time returning Goldberg. Then Brock started his lengthy, horrendous title run, where the belt was never seen on television. Roman won it temporarily but had to relinquish it due to the return of his leukemia. This needs to change, and change now. If this belt is ever going to mean anything again, we need to see a good run, by a top talent, and that needs to start with Seth Rollins. A lengthy, healthy title run, will return this title to the prestige it was always meant to have.
  2. The company needs fewer part-timers. Brock choosing when he wants to show up, John Cena only appearing in between movie roles, and other part-time returns like Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. All examples of the company Over-saturating the roster. The reason younger talent isn’t getting over with the fans is that they’re living in the shadows of guys that get pushed to the front of the cars, because of who they used to be.
  3. 2018 ended with the executives of WWE, saying that the fans were in control and that Vince McMahon wasn’t the only decision maker anymore. I’m not truly convinced this is true, because it’s still Vince’s company. It’s unbelievable how out of touch the man is with the fans. Another huge key to success would be to let a guy like Triple H take over control of the company. He currently has control over NXT, and that has become one of the most consistently successful, and brightest spots of the company. Give Triple H control, and let him lead the company to the promise land.
  4. Don’t rush NXT call-ups. That was a huge problem with recent years, rushing NXT stars to the main roster and then underperforming. Some even got lost in the mid-card. Bobby Roode was one of the biggest disappointments. NXT superstars are becoming megastars without the main roster, so why rush it? Why ruin their push before they even have a chance to start one?
  5. Finally, they need to worry less about TV ratings. The less they worry about ratings, the more the ratings will rise. I’m not saying they need to go back to the Attitude Era, but back in those times, they weren’t trying to reach all audiences. I think that if they stop trying to please everyone, then it will make for better television. Not every superstar has to be included. Not every PPV has to be 5 hours. Stick to what has been successful in the past, and that is focusing on the best talent you have, even if that means shaving the rosters down a little bit. A lot of these can be debated but what can’t be debated is that the WWE could use some help and definitely a jolt of excitement in 2019. Hopefully, they stay true to their word and start listening more to the fans.

-Joe Pegoraro

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