2019-2020 Top 100 NBA Players: 90-81

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(Last Year’s Rating Difference)

90. Dennis Schroder (Oklahoma City) PG: Dennis Schroder has had a few down seasons in a row now. He was traded from Atlanta and never really jelled with the Thunder last year. Hopefully he’ll play well enough to get traded a team that needs a starting caliber point guard. (-10)

89. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Oklahoma City) PG/SG: While Chris Paul and Dennis Schroder are expendable, Alexander is the future. He had an impressive rookie season with the Clippers and now is especially the air-apparent to Russell Westbrook. He’s got talent, but now has pressure to provide hope for a rebuilding franchise. (+22)

88. DeAndre Jordan (Brooklyn) C: DeAndre Jordan isn’t the same player he was with the Clippers but he’s still a capable center. It will be interesting to see who wins the starting job between him and the much younger Jarret Allen. (-48)

87. Derrick Rose (Detroit) PG: Derrick Rose has had an up and down career to say the least. But his career turned around last year in Minnesota. Now in Detroit, Rose is the undisputed starting point guard as he continues to rehab his career. (+24)

86. Enes Kanter (Boston) C: Despite putting up impressive stats with the Knicks, Kanter made a much bigger impact with the Blazers during their playoff run. Kanter’s post scoring and rebounding made a real difference during the playoffs. He hopes to do the same thing with the Celtics this coming year. (-15)

85. Eric Gordon (Houston) SG: Much like the Rockets as a team, Eric Gordon is coming off of a down year. He still provides a lot of scoring off the bench, but he needs to do it at a much more efficient rate next year. Especially with Russell Westbrook running point now. (-19)

84. Josh Richardson (Philadelphia) SG/SF: After coming off of a career year, Richardson was traded from Miami to Philly. While he’s not the player Jimmy Butler is, Richardson may be a better fit for Philly. However, Richardson needs be a better 3 point shooter for the 76ers to get to the Finals. (+27)

83. Dennis Smith Jr. (New York) PG/SG: After striking out on the superstar free agents this off-season, Dennis Smith Jr., Julius Randle, and RJ Barrett have become the new faces of the franchise. Smith in particular should have more freedom to operate now compared to Dallas with Luka running the offense. (+1)

82. TJ Warren (Indiana) SF/PF: The Pacers getting TJ Warren from Suns may have been the steal of the summer. Warren has always been a great scorer, but now he’ll get to do it on a winning team. He’ll get his minutes too as he’ll be the starting small forward for a team on the rise. (-20)

81. Spencer Dinwiddie (Brooklyn) PG/SG: Spencer Dinwiddie has become one of the best stories in the NBA. After struggling with injuries to start his career, Dinwiddie had a breakout year for the Nets last year. Backing up Kyrie Irving this year, he’ll be a 6th man candidate for sure. (+30)

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