2019-2020 Top 100 NBA Players: 70-61

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(Last Year’s Rating Difference)

70. Harrison Barnes (Sacramento) SF/PF: After being traded from Dallas to Sacramento last season, Harrison Barnes resigned with the Kings this off-season. He played well in the 30 games he was there and now looks to be a big brother type to the other young Kings. (-19)

69. Danilo Gallinari (Oklahoma City) SF/PF: After struggling through injuries over the past few years, Danilo Gallinari had a great bounce back year. He averaged a career high 19.8 points per game while shooting 43% from 3. Now in OKC, Gallinari will be one of the best players on the trading block in February. (+16)

68. Bojan Bogdanovic (Utah) SF/SG: When Victor Oladipo went down, Bojan Bogdanovic really stepped upped for the Pacers. Now in Utah, Bogdanovic adds much needed offense as he averaged 18 points and shot 43% from 3. He along with Mike Conley Jr. could make Utah a true title contender. (+37)

67. Serge Ibaka (Toronto) PF/C: In his 3rd year with Toronto, Serge Ibaka had his best NBA season since leaving the Thunder. He along with Marc Gasol and Pascal Siakam formed one of the best front-courts in the league last year. Now with Kawhi Leonard gone, he’ll be asked to do more for the defending champs. (+7)

66. Otto Porter Jr. (Chicago) SF: A change of scenery may have been all Otto Porter Jr. needed. While with Washington last year, he averaged just 12.6 points while shooting 37% from 3. But with the Bulls, Porter averaged 17.5 points and shot 49% from 3. With the Bulls, Porter Jr. is a much more important part of the offense and showed he still had room to grow. (+11)

65. Jaylen Brown (Boston) SF/SG: Like many Celtic players last year, Jaylen Brown had a down year. Brown became much less consistent on offense as he didn’t have a set role. Now that their are less mouths to feed, Brown should look more like what he did during the 2018 playoffs. (-21)

64. Zion Williamson (New Orleans) PF: The most hyped NBA prospect since LeBron James, the excitement for Zion is through the roof. Zion’s athleticism strikes similarities to Blake Griffin in which he averaged 23 points and 12 rebounds. It’s highly unlikely Zion will put up those type of numbers, but something like 15 points and 8 rebounds would still be impressive. (N/A)

63. Kevin Love (Cleveland) PF/C: After getting a max deal, Kevin Love suffered major injuries. He missed 60 games as the Cavs went in the tank. The goal this year for Love is to play well enough to get traded to a contender. A team like the Blazers could really use a player like him.  (-31)

62. DeMarcus Cousins (LA Lakers) C: This list was made before DeMarcus Cousins suffered his 3rd major injury in less than a year and a half. Cousins was expected to hit the ground running with the Lakers this year, but now Cousins is likely to miss the entire year. (-35)

61. Jusuf Nurkic (Portland) C: Similar to DeMarcus Cousins, Jusuf Nurkic is coming off of a serious leg injury. What makes his injury even worse was that Nurkic was coming off of a career season. He averaged 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists for a contending Portland team. Nurk will hopefully be back some point in March. (+6)

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