2019-2020 Top 100 NBA Players: 40-31

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40. Malcolm Brogdon (Indiana) PG/SG: Malcolm Brodgon did something last year that only NBA legends have done. He completed a 50%-40%-90% season with the Bucks last year. Now with the Pacers, Brogdon will move primary to point guard once Victor Oladipo is back. Brogdon has played point before but it will be the 1st time he’ll do it on a regular basis. (+54)

39. De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento) PG: De’Aaron Fox did something in Sacramento that hasn’t been done in awhile. He made the Kings exciting again. Fox may have dethroned John Wall as the fastest player in the game and has become easily one of the most athletic players in basketball. The next step is for Fox to lead the Kings to the playoffs. (+71)

38. Jayson Tatum (Boston) SF/PF: While Jayson Tatum put up better stats in his sophomore season, pretty much everyone agreed that he took a step back last year. Tatum took too many jump shots which led to worse shooting percentages. Tatum will be asked to score more with Kyrie out now and hopefully he can do it with better percentages. (+3)

37. Trae Young (Atlanta) PG/SG: Trae Young struggled during the 1st half of his rookie season, but really came on during the 2nd half. He averaged 23 points from February on along with 9 assists during that same time frame. Young does need to work on his defense and his shot selection but you can see the talent this guy has. After all, he turns just 21 today. (+74)

36. John Wall (Washington) PG: Its been a tough year for John Wall to say the least. Not only he get injured during the season, but got hurt again when he fell down the stairs. He’s expected to be out for the entire year and will be 31 when he plays again. At that point, will John Wall reach that All-Star form again? (-20)

35. Jrue Holiday (New Orleans) PG/SG: Over the last two years, Jrue Holiday has really emerged as an elite point guard. But he did that as Anthony Davis’ sidekick. With Davis gone, Holiday will be running the show with the Pelicans. With Zion in New Orleans, the Pelicans do have the talent to make it to the playoffs. But can Holiday stay at an elite level with AD gone? (+3)

34. Jamal Murray (Denver) PG/SG: Like the Nuggets as a team did last season, Jamal Murray took a step forward. Murray had multiple nights he looked like an All-Star including the night you see below. But Murray also did have nights where he looked invisible. If Murray can be consistent, he’ll make the All-Star team this year. (+20)

33. Ben Simmons (Philadelphia) PG/PF: Ben Simmons is one of the most skilled players in all of basketball. As a 6’10” point guard, he’s nearly averaged a triple-double in his 1st two seasons. But, he has a massive weakness as he literally can’t shoot a jump shot. Yes, Simmons is just 23 years old but he needs to learn how to shoot soon if Philly wants to win a championship. (-4)

32. Pascal Siakam (Toronto) PF/SF: Pascal Siakam had one of the best 2019’s of any player in basketball. Not only did he win the Most Improved Player award, but he emerged as the 2nd option on the NBA Champs. Now with Kawhi Leonard gone, the Toronto Raptors are Siakam’s team. Is he ready to become the franchise player for the defending champs? (+79)

31. LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio) PF/C: Despite being 34, LaMarcus Aldridge is still putting in work for the Spurs. He averaged 21 and 9 in his 13th season and made the All-Star team once again. But if the Spurs want to make a legit run in the playoffs, he and DeMar DeRozan have to continue their All-Star level play. But can he keep that up at his age? (-5)

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