2019-2020 Top 100 NBA Players: 10-1

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10. Paul George (LA Clippers) SF/SG: Paul George is coming off of his best season and now he’s headed to LA. He finished 3rd in MVP voting and averaged 28-8-4. Now with the Clippers, he’ll be the 2nd star on the favorites to win the whole thing. Time to show George can deliver in the postseason. (+7)

9. Damian Lillard (Portland) PG: Damian Lillard has been one of the best point guards in the league ever since he was drafted. But last year, he established himself as the 2nd best point guard in basketball with the Blazers playoff run. What Lillard needs to now is to get the Blazers to the Finals to become the undisputed best point in the league. (+3)

8. Joel Embiid (Philadelphia) C: After struggling with injuries, Joel Embiid finally looks healthy and has never been better. He had career highs in points, rebounds, and assists (28-14-4) and still just 25 years old. Embiid has been criticized for settling for outside jump shots and it can be seen in his field goal percentages. A center this good should shoot around 55%-60% but Embiid has never shot over 48%. That small tweak could be the difference for the 76ers. (+2)

7. Anthony Davis (LA Lakers) PF/C: Anthony Davis may be the most talented big in all of basketball. But he took a hit last year after his trade request and behavior after with the Pelicans. Now in LA, Davis has a chance to the baton from LeBron James and become the face of the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s got all of the tools but does he have the mentality to face the criticism. (-2)

6. James Harden (Houston) SG/PG: James Harden may be the best offensive player in all of basketball. He averaged a ridiculous 36 points per game and came 2nd in MVP voting. But the reason Harden went down 2 spots was due to that choke in the Warriors in the playoffs. Harden needs to less of an isolation player and more of a team player. Now more than ever with Westbrook running the point now.  (-2)

5. LeBron James (LA Lakers) SF/PF: For nearly a decade, the best player in the world has been LeBron James. But after the dumpster fire year with the Lakers, LeBron has lost that title. Going into his 17th season, its hard to imagine he can reclaim that title. But with Anthony Davis at his side, another deep playoff run could get LeBron back to the top. (-4)

4. Kevin Durant (Brooklyn) SF/PF: It was looking like Kevin Durant might have taken the title of best player in the world last season. But Game 5 of the NBA Finals happened with Durant tearing his leg and now will miss the rest of the 2020 NBA season. Just from his resume alone, Durant remains in the top 5. But we won’t know until we see him suit up with the Nets. (-2)

3. Stephen Curry (Golden State) PG: Stephen Curry has had one of the best 5 year runs of anyone in the history of basketball. Coming off of his 5th straight Finals, Curry remains the best point guard in basketball. But at age 31, Curry has a lot of miles on him now. He is going to have to preserve his body to stay at this elite level for years to come. (+4)

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) PF/SF: At just 24 years old, Giannis won the Most Valuable Player. Not only is he an unarguable nightmare but he may just be the best wing defender in basketball. Afterall, he’s 7 feet tall with a wingspan of 7 1/2 feet. Giannis’ one weakness is his 3 point shot, but he is working at that as we speak. Once he gets that, he’ll be unstoppable. (+4)

1. Kawhi Leonard (LA Clippers) SF/PF: Without a doubt, Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the world right now. Not only dd he go head to head with Giannis and beat him, but he beat the Warriors and brought Toronto their 1st NBA Championship. He averaged a career high in points with 27 a game and won his 2nd Finals MVP. At 28 years old, he’s just entering his prime. In LA now, he has to do something special by bring 3 championships to 3 different cities. Now that would be legendary. (+7)

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