2018 MLB Playoff Picks

Well, baseball starts tomorrow and I am so ready for it. Over the last two weeks, I broke down the American League and the National League. Today I will be predicting which teams make the playoffs and who will be the last team standing to win The World Series. Let’s start off with the Wild Card games.

AL WILD CARD                                    NL WILD CARD                                             

4 Boston Red Sox vs 5. Los Angeles Angels

4. San Francisco Giants vs 5. Milwaukee Brewers

Beginning with the American League, I think the Red Sox are better than the Angels.

But in a do or die game; it’s hard to bet against Mike Trout. I say the Angels upset the Red Sox. As for the National League, the Giants and the Brewers are pretty even. But due to the Giants playoff experience, I say they beat the Brewers.

How far can Mike Trout take the Angels this year?

ALDS                                                        NLDS                                                                 

1 Houston Astros vs 5 Los Angeles Angels

1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs 4 San Francisco Giants

2 New York Yankees vs 3 Cleveland Indians

2 Washington Nationals vs 3 Chicago Cubs

When you look at both the American League and the National League; they’re pretty similar.

There are 3 clear powerhouses and everyone else. So I think the number one seeds (Astros and Dodgers) will take care of the wild cards pretty easily. But the 2 vs 3 matchups will be dog fights. Both the Yankees and the Nationals improved while the Indians and the Cubs both got worse. It’s all chalk in this round.

bryce-harper-041616-getty-ftrjpg_y2t4arzwom6y11rbofu2wqsmp mlb playoffs
Bryce Harper could be entering his final year with the Washington Nationals.

ALCS                                                        NLCS                                                                 

1 Houston Astros vs 2 New York Yankees

1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs 2 Washington Nationals

Starting off in the American League, we have a rematch from last year.

It was an epic 7 game series with the Astros prevailing. Since then, the Yankees added Giancarlo Stanton and the Astros added Gerrit Cole. Like last year, it will be a blood bath but a different team comes out on top. The Yankees are back and their headed back to the World Series. As for the National League, it’s the Dodgers and everyone else. They are young, talented, and they are hungry to get back to the World Series.

2018 WORLD SERIES                        

The New York Yankees vs The Los Angeles Dodgers

Both the Dodgers and the Yankees are two of the greatest franchises in all of sports and they will be squaring off in the World Series.

They haven’t faced off in the World Series in over 35 years and it will be must watch TV. While the Yankees made the big splash with Stanton, the Dodgers are the best overall team. Clayton Kershaw is the greatest picture of our generation and their offense is fantastic. Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger are superstars right now and will be for a long time. But to me, the Dodgers are just hungrier. They were one win away from being World Series champs and that’s going to drive them this year.

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