2017-2018 NBA Preview: Player Rankings 70-61

Welcome to part 4 of my Top 100 NBA Players List. Today we are going to unveil 70-61 which includes a few young players and an all-time great.

70 Chandler Parsons—Memphis—SF/PF: After two successful trips with Dallas and Houston, Parsons had a disappointing 1st year with the Grizzlies. With Zach Randolph moving on from the team, Parsons will look to be more prominent in the offense.

69 Aaron Gordon—Orlando—PF/SF: Aaron Gordon became a fulltime starter last season and had his best season yet. While no one has ever doubted Gordon’s athleticism, he has continued to struggle with his shot. If he gets that down, he’s an all-star in the making.

68 Rudy Gay—San Antonio—SF: Rudy Gay and the Spurs don’t seem to be a match you would think about but yet here we are. After coming off a serious leg injury, Gay is expected to take a smaller role with the Spurs. If he can get back to form, Gay could be a favorite for 6th man of the year.

67 Ben Simmons—Philadelphia—PF/SF: It’s not every year that the last two number one picks will make their debut on the same team in the same year. But like Markelle Fultz, former number one pick Ben Simmons will be making his debut this year. He’s my favorite to win Rookie of the Year because Simmons has gained experience by being around the team last year; just like Blake Griffin did during his rookie year.

66 Serge Ibaka—Toronto—PF: I’ve always been a fan of Ibaka. He’s one of the more versatile bigs in basketball and doesn’t really have any weaknesses. I don’t even think people realize this guy shot 39% from 3 last year. He’s still a defensive force and he’s only 28 years old.

Aaron Gordon could have a breakout year in Orlando.

65 D’Angelo Russell—Brooklyn—PG/SG: The only Brooklyn player to appear on the list, D’Angelo Russell has a chance for a breakout year. He’s getting a fresh start, he’s got a lot to prove, and he’s the best player by far on the Nets.

64 Derrick Favors—Utah—PF/C: Derrick Favors had an injury plagued and disappointing season last year in Utah, but it wasn’t noticed by many due to the Jazz’s success. But now that Gordon Hayward has moved on, Favors will once again have to carry offensive load.

63 Evan Fournier—Orlando—SG: Evan Fournier has a case for being the most underrated player in all of basketball. He’s a knockdown shooter, a pretty good scorer, and a solid defender. He’ll be 25 when the season starts and still has room to grow.

62 Tobias Harris—Detroit—SF/PF: Harris is a perfect body for today’s NBA. At 6’9” and 235 pounds, Harris can play both forward positions with ease. It gives the Pistons the ability to go big or small. But Harris continues to struggle on defense and he really shouldn’t. He’s got athleticism and size but still struggles on that side of the ball.

61 Dwyane Wade—Chicago—SG: Wade’s “homecoming” definitely didn’t live up to expectations last year and now he’s a veteran in a rebuilding situation. At age 35, Wade is still a good player but is also a shell of his former self. With a buyout likely at some point this season, Wade would a great pickup for a title contending team.

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

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