Patriots v.s. Texans Preview

And just like that the Pats get back on track. They shut down a team that gave them all sorts

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SNF: Patriots v.s. Ravens

Bill Belichick has (kinda) gotten the Pats back on track with a nail biter against the now 0-9 Jets. It

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MNF: Patriots v.s. Jets

Now the Pats have really dug themselves into a hole we haven’t seen in years. if they’re going to find

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Patriots v.s. Bills Round 1

This is a spot where we haven’t seen the Patriots for a very long time. 2-4 is usually the 2nd

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Patriots v.s. 49ers Preview

The Patriots have really put themselves in a tough spot now. 2-3 is a record we haven’t seen in Foxborough.

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