D.K. Metcalf, Justin Herbert, and Packers/Bucs Preview

Rising Star In several offseason articles I mentioned D.K. Metcalf and how impressive he was in his rookie year. Both

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Where Could JJ Watt Be Traded?

Earlier this week the Houston Texans fired their head coach and general manager, Bill O’Brien. A move seen by some

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Eagles Comeback Victory, Bill O’Brien, and Week Five Power Rankings

The Comeback Late Sunday night Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles were trailing to the San Francisco 49ers. With a

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They Play for Who? Part 3

We are back in another installment of They Played for Who? Last time we covered Dominik Hasek, Ken Griffey Jr.,

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Just Shut Up About Josh McDaniels

That’s it, I’ve had it up to here (Imagine me putting my hand well above my head) with your Josh

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