Lock, Fade And Stay Away CFB (9/12/2020)

Ah it is the smell of football season, don’t you love the smell of it? Well you should now because

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Verbally Committed Episode 14: Chicken Wings & Pillow Talk (Feat. Saucy Nuggs Man)

Remember that viral video last week about the guy talking about Boneless Chicken Wings? Well that's who joined us for

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Verbally Committed Episode 11: Who’s in the Playoff Now & A Celebration of Life for the B1G and Pac-12

🙌Episode 11 🙌 – Who the hell is going to be in the CFP now?– A celebration of what we

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College Football Is In Jeopardy

I will fight everyone. I was right. Literally fight me. Proof SEC Will Only Play Ten Intra-Conference Games Look. Pac-12

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