Verbally Committed Episode 15: B1G Is Back Baby

🙌Episode 15 Y'all🙌 – #B1GFootball IS BACK! – Thanksgiving Weekend will be LIT– Desmond Howard sucks– Word association Game for

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Ultimate March Madness Might Be Coming

We missed out on March Madness this year thanks to COVID-19. If you’re wondering what would have happened during those

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Verbally Committed Episode 11: Who’s in the Playoff Now & A Celebration of Life for the B1G and Pac-12

🙌Episode 11 🙌 – Who the hell is going to be in the CFP now?– A celebration of what we

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Verbally Committed, Ep. 9: Rants, Raves, and Reactions to Big 10’s Revamped 2020 Schedule (Featuring Richard Rhoden)

Episode 9 has ARRIVED! The Joe Burrow Episode. Nearing double digits in terms of an episode count for the podcast

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