What To Watch: June Edition

You’ve probably rewatched your favorite shows, found new ones you liked, and have found ones that you wasted your time on. Now what?

A few suggestions have fallen into my lap and I decided to check them out. These might be shows, documentaries, or videos I have fallen upon that have captured my attention.


This needs to be at the top of your list. It’s been suggested to me for a while but I always put it off for one reason or another. I sat down and watched it yesterday and all I can say is wow. The documentary discusses just how corrupt the system is and how black people are at a severe disadvantage and do in fact have a target on their back.

Stephanie Harlowe: Madeline McCann A Three Part Series

Madeline McCann went missing years ago and has never been found. There are many theories that revolve around the case.  The case went cold as there were never any real leads that went anywhere. That was until this week. German authoritiescame out and named a prime suspect in the case, something that has never been done before.

Find out about the night Madeline went missing and how the authorities potentially tainted the case, in Stephanie’s in depth series.

Filthy Rich

Who was Jeffrey Epstein? How did he make billions of billions of dollars? How did he get away with some of the most heinous crimes? Was it bigger than just him and his girlfriend?

The documentary unravels most, if not all the questions many of us have. Survivors speak out about their accounts of abuse and just how horrific the abuse was.

I plan on doing a deep dive into the documentary once I finish it, and rewatch it.

What Else Are You Watching?

I am always down for suggestions when it comes to media consumption. I love music, podcasts, television shows, really anything that keeps my mind at bay. Send me your recommendations over on twitter!

-Jess Belmosto ( @jessbelmosto)

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