Unfiltered Reverse Retro Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

If there’s one thing I love it’s complaining. I love picking things apart and giving my brutally honest opinion on them. The NHL’s Reverse Retro jerseys gave me the perfect opportunity to complain AND let me be super opinionated. We aren’t just looking at the bad though. I have to give props to those who did in fact hit it out of the park.


The Good 



I’m not sure how they get better than this. They’re clean and the color combination is just too fresh. There isn’t a lot going on and they didn’t overdo it with too many colors. Big big fan. 



Apparently, the horse is named Blasty. I would like to formally apologize for referring to him as “fire horse.” Blasty deserves respect. These are easily the best jerseys and I’m not even sorry. Clean colors. Clean design. All around 10 out of 10. 

Some people think that they’re too similar to the Canucks third jersey from last year. To that I have to say, at least the Flames executed Reverse Retro. 



I’m someone who wants 3 colors max on a jersey. It’s simple and a little harder to mess up. It happens though. This jersey has four colors and it’s executed PERFECTLY. The thought and effort that went into this is clear and I am obsessed. If I had the chance I would absolutely get a Noel Acciari jersey- for old times sake. 

The Bad 



Lazy, lazy, lazy. Everyone was calling for the fisherman and whoever created this said, “Let’s just scroll over one shade of blue on photoshop and call it a day!” It just feels so silly and like they didn’t even try! 




I will rip on this team whenever I get the chance. There’s only so much you can do with a logo but again, simply lazy! They said let’s slap a white stripe on the bottom and line our pockets. So bad. 



Are these any different from their current jerseys? I’m being so so serious. 


The Ugly 



Green and yellow is my number one favorite color combination. Somehow, this Sprite jersey has me hating it. I wish that they’d gone with a deeper green. I’m talking Oakland Athletics or their typical forest green. 

Philadelphia Flyers 

It’s not cohesive at all. I wish they kept the sleeves one color and didn’t have the weird brown on there. Their Stadium Series jersey was so much better and I wish it was a little bit closer to that. 


St. Louis Blues 

The primary colors are too much for me. I didn’t realize I could be overstimulated by simply LOOKING at a picture. Throw it away. 


Tampa Bay Lightning 

Why are there two different fonts on the front? It screams “24 Hour Diner.” Maybe make it that neon blue from the Miami Heat vice jersey to fully commit to the mess

I Could Do This All Day

I could dissect all 31 jerseys except you’d all hate me for ripping them apart and I’m sure your favorite writer has already done that! I appreciate that there was an attempt. Better luck next time.


-Jess Belmosto @jessicabelmosto

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