Tom E. Curran Sets the Internet On Fire

Tom E. Curran one of the few men of history whose middle name matters i.e. Martin Luther King or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Curran consistently has hot takes, interesting opinions and well-informed Patriots notes. With sources inside Foxboro and with the Brady and Gronk camps he can easily drop a twitter bomb but his most recent set the internet on FIRE.

The comment section was a battlefield like 1917.

But lets break this down…


This answer is truly positional based. If someone lined up at OLine or DLine they would get wiped. Running back trying to run the ball is a death wish, QB trying to read a defense doesn’t have a chance. The only way I can think of you having a possibility would be hiding at receiver on a run to the opposite side of the field. Maybe you’d be able to hide on kickoff if it was a guaranteed touchback. Other than that you are getting tossed and the speed cannot compare.


I think it would be extremely difficult to play along at the pro level. First, Height… Kemba Walker is a short guy in the league and he’s 6 foot tall. I read one response that said, “play tough defense and shoot 3s.” If an NBA defender realized that you weren’t at the pro-level they would stop guarding you and if by some miracle you caught a pass or a rebound they would close the gap on you so quick and send the ball into orbit if you attempted a shot. Defending… goodluck, Marcus Smart would post you up and every guard and forward would blow right by you. I think a ‘capable rec player’ has no shot.


I’ll get back to you.


Is this positional based too? I think a men’s leaguer could spend a 45 second shift on the ice, right? maybe? If you’re on the power player couldn’t you snap the puck around and maybe just take a shot? I also could easily see someone getting blown by like they’re standing still on the ice or getting wrecked while they stare at the puck on their tape…

So MLB is the venue in which a rec player would be the least ‘overmatched.’ This answer seems EASY. Many people responded “goodluck hitting a 95mph curve!”… Well I don’t have to hit it.. that’s the point. If you hit 1 for 3 in your career, then you’re in the HOF…unless your name is Curt Schilling. Starring at strike 3 is a common thing so I think a rec player could easily play DH or shag a fly ball or two in right field.

Have a good one!

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