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NHL Draft Moved

It’s hard to believe a month ago the Round Robin and qualifying rounds were wrapping up. We’re already onto the Conference Finals which means things are progressing a lot faster than the NHL expected. With the offseason approaching faster than anticipated, we finally have some dates set for the draft and free agency. 

This morning it was announced that the NHL Draft will take place on October 6th and 7th. Round one will take place on Tuesday and rounds 2-7 will take place the following day. We’ve seen virtual drafts during these unprecedented times so it will be interesting to see how the NHL takes it on. I’m hoping that they have fans involved on some level like the way the NFL did.


I know the draft isn’t for the casual fan so it’s not a great chance to grow the game however, a draft on a Tuesday night? Come on. There will be some marketing I’m sure but the NHL Draft will never be as exciting or draw eyes the way the NFL does.

Free Agency

Free Agency opens up October 9th. I hate the thought of being at work and finding out Torey Krug is signing with someone who isn’t the Bruins for a ridiculous amount of money. Anyway, we’re about a month away from that so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Instead of sipping on some cool lemonade taking in all the new signings, we’ll have warm apple cider or a pumpkin spiced latte. Something tells me it will be pure chaos this day and the phones are already ringing, working on getting deals done.

Western Conference Finals

The Dallas Stars lead the series ahead of game 2 against the Vegas Golden Knights. Goalie Anton Khudobin recorded a shutout in game one, stopping all 25 shots. Marc-Andre Fleury started game one and couldn’t get it done. On the bright side, he did only allow one goal. So hopefully, his agent doesn’t post another picture of him with a sword impaling the goalie if he doesn’t get the start tonight.  


You can watch the game tonight on NBCSN at 8:00 pm!


Eastern Conference Finals


The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the New York Islanders 8-2 in game one on Saturday. Obviously there’s a whole lot to unpack there but the main takeaway is for New York’s defense to step up or their offense needs to mimic Tampa’s. The Bolts are a force with or without Steven Stamkos and the Isles are going to need to adjust to that. Underestimating your opponent is the worst thing you could possibly do. 


You can catch game 2 on NBCSN tomorrow night at 8:00pm

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