Milan Lucic Has Entered The Chat

Milan Lucic is one of those players Bruins fans and hockey fans will always remember. It might be because of his Stanley Cup win in Boston or his goonlike ways. There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the 32 year old.

The Enforcer

Who is Milan Lucic? Besides the 2011 Stanely Cup Champion who had 12 points in 25 games during that run; Lucic is one of the only true enforcers left in the league. He made a name for himself during his time in Boston.

He has never been afraid to stand up for his teammates after a nasty hit. Sometimes that tension would bubble over into games a year after the teams last met!

From East To West

Back in June of 2015, Looch was traded to LA for Martin Jones, Colin Miller, and a 13th overall pick which ended up being Jakub Zboril. Fans were a little shaken up by this. Sure Lucic had a slight drop off in production but that’s no reason to trade away such an icon! Sometimes it’s more than that. He was getting a bit older and his contract was expiring the following season. The front office probably figured they should get something for him while they could before he walked for nothing in free agency.

How could any of us ever forget his return?

Lucic’s Decline

Lucic would go on to play for the Edmonton Oilers where things would not go as swimmingly. Playing on a team with Connor McDavid is an honor in itself. Sadly, a team that does not have all the working parts, cannot win or really function properly.

Between aging and not having the players around him, Lucic’s decline was happening a lot faster than a lot of people probably anticipated. The once 20-30 goal scorer had only scored 39 goals over three years.

James Neal to Edmonton for Milan Lucic

Everyone in the world laughed at the trade. How are you going to trade James “The Real Deal”Neal for the clearly declining, only good for fighting, Milan Lucic? Even Lucic was going through the motions when he got to Calgary. He went 18 games without a goal.

Today, Sportsnet did an amazing story about Lucic’s early days with the Flames which are the exact opposite of where he is now. Reading this opened my eyes and made me love the little bugger even more.

Current Success in Calgary

The bubble has caused a rebirth of Milan Lucic. In five games, he has posted five points. We are seeing 2011 Lucic live in the flesh again. He’s an important figure in the Flames locker room. He’s the only player on the roster who has won a cup. Lucic and coach Geoff Ward won the cup together back in 2011. It’s nice to see them working together again and Ward understanding what Looch is capable of, on and off the ice.

Final Thoughts

Many of us loved Lucic while he was a Bruin and it faded over time. He’s a name I will remember forever and will probably name a dog after someday. His perseverance through the tough times in Edmonton and early days in Calgary are a testament to his character.

Cheers, Looch.

Photo Credit:  (Jason Franson/CP)

-Jess Belmosto @jessicabelmosto

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