Maya Moore Walked Away From The WNBA To Get Justice

Jonathan Irons had a wrongful conviction of Burglary and assault over 20 years ago. WNBA champion, Maya Moore assisted in getting him out of prison.

A Missouri man was freed from prison Wednesday after a county prosecutor declined to retry his case, punctuating years of work by WNBA star Maya Moore and other supporters who argued he was falsely convicted of burglary and assault charges.


Maya Moore is a highly decorative WNBA star who put her career on hold to make sure that Irons got justice. She put her dream on hold to help a man she didn’t even know get out of prison 20 years after his wrongful conviction.

The judge threw out the case because of a mishandling of the case, including a fingerprint. It took 20 years for a judge to re-examine the case. There was finally a realization that there wasn’t enough evidence for a conviction.

It’s great to see athletes bring awareness to situations like this. Jonathan Irons is not the only person to have a wrongful convict. Foundations like the Innocence Project work on independently testing evidence and getting those convicted released if they find enough evidence to throw out the conviction.

-Jess Belmosto ( @jessbelmosto)

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