Ideal Locations For Boston Bruins Outdoor Games

Our good friend and trusted hockey insider, Elliotte Friedman reported that multiple teams around the league are looking into hosting multiple outdoor games. So today, I figured we could take a look at ideal locations for the Bruins to play.

The roof of Local Parking Garage

What better way to take the game to new heights? I’m sure there are some local spots the team could rent out, flood, and turn into a rink. It could be dangerous but these are unprecedented times so we must get creative.

Baseball Tavern Roofdeck

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve been to The Tav. The Baseball Tavern did close because they were bought out by someone who wanted to turn the beloved bar into a, yes you guessed it, parking garage! Fans probably couldn’t attend but it would be nice to see the Tavern used for something fun again.

Nantasket Beach

Nantrashket Beach in Hull, MA would be a great location. I’m sure the community would love to have an ice rink on their sandy, trash-filled beaches. It could be a great opportunity for a community clean up! We often romanticize lake hockey but why not make it our own? It’s no Lake Louise but the view of the condos and local business is hard to beat!

Fenway Park

Fenway Park was kind enough to host the Winter Classic on year back in 2010. Now the problem here is that the Red Sox season would overlap with the Bruins. This creates a conflict and it’d be a bit difficult to host home games. I would like to propose that we completely cancel the Red Sox season until ownership spends money and rebuilds the team. Easy fix, really.

Frog Pond

Who cares about the locals wanting to skate. Make it a hockey rink and let the boys have at it.

Final Takeaways

Hosting outdoor games would be fun. Hockey fans do love their Winter Classic and Stadium Series games! I think it’d be interesting trying to navigate this in warmer months and warmer climates. However, I hope you enjoy the few select places I picked out. If anyone wants to pitch these amazing and well thought out ideas to the city of Boston, please let me know. I’d love to bring these completely serious and logical reasons to life!

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