How to Survive the Sports-pocalypse

Folks, we’ve got a sportspocalypse on our hands. If you’re like me, you probably have no idea what to do with yourself. 

7:00pm is puck drop. 7:05 is first pitch. 7:00pm is tip off. What on earth are we supposed to do after work? 

I have a few tips for you. I can’t promise they’ll work but let’s try it out. 

  1. Rewatch 2004 World Series run. 

           Who doesn’t love Faith Rewarded? I think I watched that so many times my DVD player burnt a hole in it. 

  1. Arts and crafts

       Nothing soothes my soul like painting. It’s not an expensive hobby to pick up and who knows, you might be the next Van Gough. 

  1. 2011 Bruins Cup Run 

     Nothing hits me in my feelings like rewatching highlights from the playoffs. 

4. Youtube
Youtube really has everything you need. I enjoy a lot of true crime and commentary channels so if you need recommendations, I am your girl!

Do you want to cry? 

  1. Paul Pierce retirement 
  2. 2003 Tim Wakefield… yeah 
  3. Game 7, June 12th 2019 

Personally, I don’t know what I’m going to do. This might be where I take up a new hobby like running or continue painting. I don’t know. The true crime community on YouTube has been calling my name lately.

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-Jess Belmosto (@jessbelmosto)

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