Hockey Diversity Alliance Calls On The NHL For Action

There will be no NHL playoff games tonight and potentially tomorrow’s are canceled. 

Yesterday’s Performance

Yesterday, every sports league playing at the moment participated in some sort of strike. The WNBA and NBA lead the movement. Teams around the MLB decided to strike but some decided to play. What did the NHL do? Well, they had a seven second moment of reflection before the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins game.

There was an “End Racism” graphic blasted on the jumbotron. I suppose saying something as simple as “Black Lives Matter” is just too forward for a league profiting off of We Skate For Equality merchandise. There was supposed to be a moment of reflection before every game but that did not happen. This is simply based on assumption but because it wouldn’t be televised nothing happened prior to the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche game.  Truly inspirational.

Call To Action

Evander Kane took to Twitter and called out the NHL for their lack of action.

I can’t imagine what he’s feeling but as a fan, it’s made me turn up my nose a bit. Why on earth can’t the players do something to stand up for their teammates? What’s so scary about standing up for Black people who have been unjustly harmed or killed at the hands of the police? Are players that tone deaf? They talk about hockey being bigger than a game in all these infomercials and segments for television but at what point does it actually become something bigger? It’s not about the white players posting a black square on Instagram. It’s them making a statement by not playing in a game to make an ACTUAL statement.


Members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance spoke up and demanded action.

I think it’s important that this is led by the players and not the league. Why? The league didn’t do anything yesterday besides slap together a seven second reflection. Besides, the players are the ones who need to show the owners that they mean business. The big guys don’t care enough. It’s all about money to them, hence why they played yesterday.

My Final Take

Black lives matter.

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